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Name the Hospital and Starting Salary

  1. 0 Hello everyone. I thought it would be useful to start a thread about the hospitals in North Carolina and the salary requirements. Does anyone know the starting salary for Duke or Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for someone with a BSN. Feel free to post about other hospitals as well.
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    I don't think most hospitals consider BSN vs ADN when setting the hourly rate. I've heard that Duke is now starting new grads out at $25/hour. I was surprised by that because they used to be the lowest paying hospital in that part of the state!
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    Most are 20-22ish (in eastern NC, anyway) I didn't know Duke went up. Just applied there. The shift differentials are what you need to look at. WakeMed is like $17 weekend nights. I don't think anyone comes that close.
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    Thank you for all your responses.
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    I work for a Novant facility, I'm a new grad with my BSN and I make $21/hr on days with a $4 shift diff for nights
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    Anyone know about LPN ?
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    New Grad ADN @ Novant 21.42 (previous LPN experience).
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    I am in western nc @ a for profit hospital owned by tenet healthcare. Starting pay for new grad RNs regardless of ADN or BSN is $19 with a $3 shift diff. In previous years a BSN would earn an extra dollar on the hour but they have recently shut that down.
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    According to our new grads our hospital starts them around $20 an hour with everyone earning $2.50 after 3pm and $3.50 day shift weekend plus the $2.50 after 3pm. I am in Greenville.
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    I just got an offer at Duke and it's $20.74 starting
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    How long from your interview to offer? I did a shadow interview and am waiting to hear. I interviewed 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

    Congrats!!!!!! What dept?
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    Just got an email for another interview, but @ Duke-Raleigh this time. Does that mean I did not get the other position?
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    I interviewed on a Thursday and heard back the following Tuesday. Good luck!