Moses Cone- Greensboro, Info for a New Grad Relocating

  1. Hi there,
    I am a new grad from CA, hoping to land a position in the academy in Greensboro. Does anyone have any insights for me? i.e.- how many spots, do they favor local new grads, etc. I have a phone interview this week, and I really want this position.
    Thank you
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  3. by   jodyangel
    What's the academy?
  4. by   plinytheRN
    It's a new graduate RN academy through Moses Cone in Greensboro. Basically it is a new grad program.
  5. by   RosePMHNP
    Hi! I've done a few of my clinicals there, and I have heard great things about the academy program. Which academy are you applying for (med-surg, ED, etc.)? From my understanding, it is very competitive (like all new grad programs in the area). I'm sorry I don't know the answers to your specific questions, but I wish you the best of luck!
  6. by   JillyRN
    I know it's been a while but I just saw this post and was curious if you've heard anything about your application? I just recently had a phone interview for the OR Residency program and I haven't heard anything back. We plan on moving to either Greensboro or Charlotte area in July so I'm trying to find some leads before we head out there.
  7. by   calivianya
    I've done 90% of my clinicals in the Cone system and I work there as well, and got rejected from their Critical Care Academy because they were looking for students with nursing school experience in critical care and my preceptorship (in critical care) hadn't started yet. I'd say from that that outside people have a pretty good chance of getting hired, because I'm internal and they wouldn't hire me. I think the critical care academy had about 15 spots and the med/surg and ED academies had around 20-25 spots.