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  1. help, torn about staying in current job

    Hi simplyFNP, I agree with the other responses that it seems like a major risk to stay at this job. To chart under his name/credentials brings up an ethical AND legal issue in my eyes. Can you trust this MD enough to continue working with him? I...
  2. Another potential new grad psych RN

    Hi HeyLove, Although I was not a new grad in psych nursing when I first started as an RN, I quickly became an inpatient psych RN early in my career. My recommendation would be to become a CPI Provider (or take an equivalent class in non-violent cri...
  3. I don't feel like I've settled for this job--and this life--at all. My journey to becoming an APRN has been challenging, rewarding, and allowed me to feel fulfilled. I hope doctors with MDs feel the same way--and I feel positive that some do feel...
  4. Independent Contractor Salary

    Hi NP92, I am an NP and independent contractor as well. That's a tough question--the answer would be based upon the terms of your contract, but I would guess that you would still be paid despite the doctor closing the office. Are there any specifi...
  5. How much experience before entering PMHNP program?

    Hi Oceanblue, I recently completed my PMHNP (DNP) program and am currently working as a PMHNP in my community. I worked part-time as an RN during my PMHNP program, and I found my RN job in inpatient psychiatry to be extremely helpful during the pro...
  6. Night Shift Burn Nursing

    Thank you both so much for your responses! What would be good ways to prepare for burn nursing night shift?
  7. Night Shift Burn Nursing

    dirtyhippiegirl, the unit is combined stepdown + ICU, I'm not sure if the dressings are BID, no daily tankings, and there are both wound care RNs and techs.
  8. Night Shift Burn Nursing

    Hi fellow nurses! I'll very soon begin working as a burn nurse during night shift, and I was just wondering if any of you could please share your experiences or advice. What are some of the major challenges for burn nurses working nights? Is there ...
  9. Best New Grad Programs in NC

    Thanks so much for your comments! Has anyone heard about new grad programs at hospitals in the Triad as well?
  10. Best New Grad Programs in NC

    Hi again, I was just wondering if anyone had any comments or insight. I would appreciate it so much!
  11. Best New Grad Programs in NC

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to ask you all which hospitals in NC (especially the Triangle and Triad) have the strongest new grad programs and why you think so. Are there any programs or hospitals that I should avoid? Since I will be a new grad in a ...
  12. Moses Cone- Greensboro, Info for a New Grad Relocating

    Hi! I've done a few of my clinicals there, and I have heard great things about the academy program. Which academy are you applying for (med-surg, ED, etc.)? From my understanding, it is very competitive (like all new grad programs in the area). I'm...
  13. First Interview and Contract

    Hi! First off, I am so excited to be able to post on this forum about getting my first nursing job interview! I have been a member of allnurses since before I began nursing school, and I am so happy to be able to go on this journey with so many of y...
  14. Nursing vs. Occupational Therapy vs. Speech Pathology

    I ultimately chose nursing school, and I am SO GLAD I did. While it's challenging, it has been such a positive life experience: even if I don't end up a nurse one day (I probably will, though!), I have learned so much about myself during this journey...
  15. UNC-CH school of nursing Summer 2011 acceptance

    Tarheal, A few weeks before the budget cut announcement, I was told by someone in the nursing office that we would have our nursing letters by spring break. However, because of the adjustments, I'm thinking they may need until March 20th. That doesn...