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So what do you think that minimum score would be to get into Johnston Community College ADN program for 2010? I did just ok on my TEAS. I may have about 95 points total. But I scored 87% on the TEAS... Read More

  1. by   DawnMcB
    I totally agree that yesterday was handled poorly.I have a five year old so I know about the child care situation. I arrived home about 12:30 and I live about ten minutes from the college. I dread the parking situation once school starts. I am going to arrive at least thirty minutes early in order to ensure a good spot. I am waiting to hear from financial aid. Hopefully I will be situated by the end of the month. Have you gotten your uniform yet? I am very happy that the pants are not white!
  2. by   mmc51264
    I just turned my financial aid paperwork in yesterday. I have borrowed a lot of money already, they will make it work I wouldn't worry abou that too much.
    I am going to wait a little for uniforms, I am getting some money later this month and I'll use that. I am VERY glad we don't have to wear white pants.

    After talking to some of the people there, I think I am going to apply at the hospital. I am doing home health and it might be better to have hospital exp. when I try to get a job when I am done. I am working in job apps and resumes today. Fun LOL
  3. by   DawnMcB
    I would love to work at the hospital but I really have an ideal job right now. I too work in home health during the weekend on third shift. Most people would hate this schedule but its ideal for me and my family. I only have one client and work almost thirty hours. This leaves my schedule open for the entire week. I can spend time with my husband and kids , do homework, and study. I would at some point like to work at the hospital. Networking is important and can definitely assist a student in job placement after school. I also love the hospital environment.
  4. by   mmc51264
    I am SOOO sore today!!! Got all my poking done yesterday: TB test (which she missed and it bled terribly under the skin), all my titers drawn and my Tdap. I should have everthing mid-week. I know we need to go get the paperwork fro drug testing. I hope they have it soon. I am going to call Wed.

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