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    Hi everyone!

    I am moving to Fayetteville NC in October. I will have exactly one year of experience in Oncology/Palliative Acute Care at the time of my move. My question is what is the job market like for ADNs in Fayetteville? I am so interested in Cape Fear far in advance do you reccomend I apply? Thank you for any input you can give me!

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    I would apply now if there are any positions that you are interested in. When you do apply, be very clear regarding your availability.

    Unfortunately I know nothing about the job market.

    Good luck with your relocation.
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    I'm not sure on the specifics of their job market but I do know I just got a job at cape fear as a brand new ADN.
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    Thanks guys! This is helpful info!
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    I started my career at the Valley and was surprised to see them at a national conference this month recruiting nurses. They are hiring in all areas and even still actively hire new grads, so you should be fine.
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    I received a request from HR to interview 3 hours after I applied. Hopefully this leads to a unit interview!
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    Congrats!! Are you going through their New Grad Nursing Program? I heard the proram is great. I want to apply there when it's time. I just started school this pass March, but I love to plan ahead...I love that area and plan to eventually purchase a home in Fayetteville. I do have a question...should I apply to this program when I have btw 3-4 months left in school, or is that too early or too late? Thanks guys for your input!!
    Quote from cassie77775
    I'm not sure on the specifics of their job market but I do know I just got a job at cape fear as a brand new ADN.
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    just moved here from new mexico. I've been an RN for 3 years now. I have no idea what to write from pay on applications. What is the minimum pay rate for RNs ? what would you say is a good rate to ask for? any help would be great i'm looking to work part time because i want to work on my BSN
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    Aholley-I am Cassie77775's sister..and she did apply several months before graduation and is in their new grad program. She LOVES it.

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