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Hi all, I am graduating this May, and I have just received word that I will have an interview at Duke University Hospital next week. I was wondering if anyone had any interview tips for me? This is my very first interview... Read More

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    hey congrats!! how do you like the job and area. I just received an interview. any details about the process and the new grad salary

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    let us know how the interview goes ill be scheduling my interview soon
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    I accepted a position at Duke Raleigh. I really liked the floor and staff. I received a phone call the next day with an offer.
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    nursekii When is your interview? For new grads the pay is $20.74 with night differentials of $4 and weekend differentials $4.50
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    Duke Raleigh and Wilson Health are about to merge. They just layed off like 30 ppl.
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    I was just looking for that info. I used to work for Wilson and I knew they were looking at getting help from a larger entity. Another local one got bought up by UNC. I guess Vidant had enough after Pitt and Nash. LOL. Wilson would be merging with Duke Health, not just Duke Raleigh. Duke has 3 hosp.
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    Yea..UNC aquired several more locals..Johnston memorial, high point and Chatham I think. Duke and WakeMed arent doing so well. I think there may something in store for WakeMed soon.
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    WakeMed has been CRAZY building and buying and they pay their nurses, right now anyway, more than anyone. You know that something has to give.

    I think everyone was counting on the Medicaid $$ that McCrory turned down and now they have realized they are down a creek w/o a paddle. Duke just finished building a brand new pavilion with 150+ new beds. The rest of the hospital was supposed to get updated in chunks, but that is on hold now. Also, they just spent a fortune on Maestro (Epic). I have been wondering how WakeMed could manage.

    My son used to go to on of the specialty clinics @ Wake, but they have cut back so much, it was horrid. We have transferred to Duke, which was quite a shock to the wallet. With insurance.

    Health care is in for a big shake up.
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    I dont think WakeMed pays the most..whats is the hourly? Rex is paying $21.13 new grad.
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    Wake may not pay the most as a new grad, but as a floor nurse, I think the shift diff are the highest. I know several nurses that have gone to work there and said that they pay more. I think new grads are all pretty much the same, give or take. There isn't much difference between the 20.74 at Duke and the 21.13 at Rex. Rex is really nice. I have a lot of friends that work there. I did 16 weeks of clinical there. Since I was an ADN, no chance of a new grad position for me.

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