Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 8

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine... Read More

  1. by   dnick1010
    I got my letter today. With a 335 point count, first time applying and I'm an alternate. Not exactly what I wanted, just means more waiting, but it could be worse. Good luck everybody.
  2. by   olliesmommy1005
    Congrats to those who got their letters! I'm excited for you guys just reading this thread!!!!
  3. by   dnick1010
  4. by   jaimeandjules
    Congrats everyone! I agree with what was said about the alternates, I think most or all do get in! You can go up to CFCC and find out what number alternate you are. Also, definitely go to the orientation if you are an alternate! You will most likely get in so you're def going to want to be there
  5. by   kbk1985
    Ok after literally chasing my mail man down in my neighborhood and showing him my license to get my mail directly out of his truck I found out I got in!!!!!! Point count of 338.5! Thanks to everyone for chatting on this blog and giving everyone support. Good luck to the alternates as well from what I hear yall have a pretty good chance of getting a seat.
  6. by   jaimeandjules
    Congrats!! If anyone wants to get together and start looking over the Fundamentals book over the summer let me know! The first Unit test is given on the 3rd or 4th day of class! There are tests pretty much every week and TONS of reading to do with very little time! Never hurts to get a head start!
  7. by   kbk1985
    Im in!
  8. by   wtc-wilmington
    Congratulations to everyone! I got in also! Second year applying and worth the wait. For the people who were not accepted this time, the LPN application period is until May 15th also would be worth it to look into the RIBN program through UNCW/CFCC. I would be in on some group study sessions and advise that anyone has.
  9. by   jaimeandjules
    Awesome.. congrats!!! Are you guys doing the day or night program? The first half of the applicants let in for the day program get the morning class, the 2nd half gets the afternoon class for first semester. After 1st semester though, I believe that everyone in the day program is together. At orientation though, they do give students an opportunity to switch sections if the class time will not work for them.
  10. by   wtc-wilmington
    I think I would rather first half of the day, I put day on my form that I signed when we did point reviews.
  11. by   jaimeandjules
    I did the afternoon class last semester. It wasn't really up to me as it supposedly depends on where you are with your point count. But they do give you a chance to switch at orientation. Although last year no one wanted to give up their morning class seat. I didn't really like the afternoon class because it took up most of the day. With the morning class you are out by 12 which frees up the rest of the day. BUT you have lest time to study the day of a test.
  12. by   jns1220
    Yay! Congrats everyone who made it in!! The program is VERY tough and will require nearly all of your time. And remember, C = RN degree. Getting an A is extremely tough, i think only 1 or 2 people got an A average last fall. So don't beat yourselves up if your GPA takes a hit

    And clinicals are fun. I really learn alot from the hands on stuff. I have started an IV, inserted foley catheters, d/c'd IVs, passed all kinds of meds (PO, IV push, IV piggybacks, injections) wound dressing changes, enemas, PEG tube feedings and meds, trach care,..
    The bad part is the PAPERWORK!! At first it takes literally 12 or more hours to complete. But you will get a database going with all your meds and it will get faster!

    I am excited to see you guys in the halls this fall! I am on here lurking all the time, so if you have any questions let me know.

  13. by   Chipper77
    Does anyone know how many alternates there are? I had a 339, but they took 5 points because my A&P 1 will "expire" this Fall I did receive the letter for alternates, however, I am so scared that I won't get in!!!!