Has anyone applied to Cape Fear's Nursing Program for 2012? - page 4

Hi I applied to Cape Fear's Program for August 2012 term. I know that the application deadline just recently ended, however, I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news through the grapevine about applicant pool/point... Read More

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    Getting more anxious every day. I need a sedative to calm my nerves.

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    Same here I am going nuts! I hate this whole waiting part. When do you think they will mail out the acceptance letters if the last day of point count is the 21st?
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    My guess is that we should see them by the 24th
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    Did anyone go in for point count reviews today? I am going in Monday. They won't give you a hint either way. I remember last year I asked the woman if she thought I would get in and she just said, "You have a shot". Talk about frustrating! At least they don't wait long to mail out the letters after reviews.
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    HAHA silly me! I just now looked at the letter again and realized the point count reviews were for NEXT week! LOL you can tell I am a bit out of it! Hopefully for Spring break I will catch up on some sleep (well the days i don't have to work anyways!) What day are you guys going in? The first day is definitely the busiest (from my experience last year).
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    Im going to go in the first day either super early or towards the end. I just want to get it over with. Also I am going to shed some tears or something hopefully getting some info out of her ahha. Im desperate.
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    I plan to go in on Tuesday since I will be there anyway for class. Good luck to all!
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    I'll be going on Monday before my CNA class, hoping they find some points that I didn't!
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    haha wouldnt that be wonderful, im right there with you
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    Just went to point count review, fair number of people there. The man told me that around 280 people made it past the PSB. They didn't find any points that I missed.

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