GTCC Forsyth fall 2014

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    Any one applying to GTCC or Forsyth for fall 2014?? If so I will love to start a forum going on the ranking. Points and teas from both school. Taking my teas test Monday. Hopefully I will only need to take it once.
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    ME!!! I applied to both schools and I have 162 points at forsyth tech and 50 points at GTCC. I took the TEAS at forsyth tech and scored a 84%. How about you?
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    I applied to GTCC! I'm SO anxious to hear if I got in or not.
    Total points: 40
    TEAS: 87%
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    Forgot to mention: I asked about the previously accepted point ranges (at GTCC) and they said the Fall 2013 range was 39-70 points and the Spring 2014 range was 43-76...but I was told to keep in mind that this number changes every semester, because even as low as 16 points has been accepted before!
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    I have 43 @ GTCC and 161 at forsyth. Tiffany Bryant told me that she should have the letters out 2 weeks after the deadline on Tuesday, So by the end of the month. I don't think I have a problem with getting in either one. she said the students that have came in the semester for a MAR have been lower than 45 on average and not a lot of students as of Wednesday before the deadline have came for a mar at all, but I know Tuesday will be packed with people waiting until the last minute.
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    FYI I know a student who started last fall. And she recommend you get ahead when it comes to the paperwork that has to be turned in usually sometime in early may. Orientation is usually in June. You also can go ahead and try to find your shot records and find a place that will give you the shots that you need. You also need 2 TB skin test. a physical drug screen background. cost is about 250 depending on where you go for shots and physicals. I worked at Cone so I should have the shots but I have to go over there and get my records asap. Since the HEP b is a series of shots you cant wait til the last minute. Im excited this is way over due for me. I should have been finish with nursing school but life happens. Lets keep each other updated when we hear about mailing out of acceptance letters!!! Goodluck
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    I'm applying to Mitchell Community college and Forsyth. I am retaking the TEAS exam on Wednesday locally and should raise from my current score but my total points at Forsyth is 159 with my current TEAS exam.

    From my understanding and the statistical data provided, in the last four years, the highest "low" point range was roughly 157.7, so even with my current points I should be okay for the program!

    Honestly, based on the accepted points range at Forsyth, and everyone's points here we should do fine!
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    Hi! I am applying to FTCC for Fall 2014 as well. This is more of a practice run for me, as I am taking my last two prereqs this semester and need almost a flawless TEAS score to get in the point range for Fall 2014. ( taking teas test Monday ). I am anticipating getting into the Spring 2015 semester. I am just hoping my TEAS score is high enough to only take it once.

    Everyone here appears to have enough points for sure though! Good luck!
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    My points went up to 165, so fingers crossed that's golden!
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    I just asked GTTC when we should here back from them and Tiffany said March 7th or the week after that.
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