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Hello! I haven't seen any threads yet about Duke's ABSN program for Spring of 2018 so I thought I would start one to chat with other hopefuls like myself! Also, if anyone who has previously... Read More

  1. by   bifido
    Good to know JacqLang! I'll keep my fingers crossed it's earlier but won't be too upset if it's closer to August.
  2. by   aliciaobx
    Hey y'all,
    I was also invited to Duke Days and hope to see some of you on the 21st!
  3. by   aea5hs
    I was invited to Duke Days as well and will also be there on the 21st! Can't wait to meet y'all!
  4. by   bifido
    I can't wait to meet everyone who is going to Duke Days on the 21st!
  5. by   JacqLang
    Hey y'all!

    Could someone who is going to Duke Days ask about loan repayment/tuition assistance if you work at a Duke facility after graduation? Or does anyone know what the policy is? I can't seem to find a direct answer on the website.

    Thanks! (:
  6. by   tytionnaforrest
    I feel like someone asked about this during the interest meeting a few months back. I think they said that the Duke hospitals would have more information on that.
  7. by   DBMS92
    I was planning on asking that question I will keep you updated
  8. by   JacqLang
    Quote from DBMS92
    I was planning on asking that question I will keep you updated
    Thank you! (:
  9. by   Kassi123
    In the online seminar they said that that will depend on each hospitals individual HR policy and could vary from employee to employee!
  10. by   cgiles132004
    They said at Duke days that Duke will pay back $25000 which is taxed
  11. by   Goldenmoose
    If you went to Duke Days, what were your impressions? There is no way I could attend Duke Days and there is also no way I'll be able to tour the campus if I'm lucky enough to be accepted. Any insight would be appreciated!
  12. by   tytionnaforrest
    The nursing school is very nice; the simulation labs are the best part. We also went to the Duke Chapel which is gorgeous! This was my second time being at Duke and you could just feel the compassion from all the faculty. I have pictures and videos if you would like me to email them to you.
  13. by   Goldenmoose
    That would be great! I am relatively new to the forums. Is there a way to share my email without posting it on this board (I've seen people get in trouble for posting email addresses)? I'd appreciate any pics or videos you'd be willing to share.

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