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Hi all! I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011!... Read More

  1. by   nikki164
    the thing with yale is, that after two weeks of orientation, you are put on the wards... so its active learning. and then you take the NCLEX to become a RN after the first year, since that's necessary. But I think learning and experiencing is equally as important as actually working... you just don't get paid for it

    That being said, there is a plus to being able to establish yourself financial before you enter a master's degree.. I don't know though. I am so confused! I keep going back and forth!

    I truly loved both schools, but I decided I shouldn't worry about which one I liked more until I have to make a decision (which won't come until I hear from the schools).
  2. by   marann1234
    Here's my take on the Master path: I think Duke's set-up is ideal (for me at least). You can start the ABSN degree and decide once you get some experience A. if you want to go on to the masters B. What your specialty will be. Initially I was only looking at direct to practice programs. But after talking to a lot of different people and getting mixed reviews on the 'right' path, (oaktown2, you're right, EVERYONE has an opinion about this) I decided that a program that has options is the best for me. I can't imagine declaring my specialty NOW as most of the schools I looked at expect. This is different for everyone. I don't have a lot of experience in nursing. I'm sure some of you do, so you know exactly what you want to do.

    I can't wait to find if I got in!!! However, I'm not thrilled about the idea of taking out so many loans... ugh. I just got an email from Duke about filing financial aid. Not what I wanted to think about on a Monday... putting myself into debt. I just need to keep reminding myself that it will be worth it when I'm done!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week.. I'm off to Microbiology! yay
  3. by   Evita
    Two weeks two weeks two weeks. Two weeks!!!!!! I want it so bad!!!! Sorry, just had to shout a little.
  4. by   marann1234
    I second that!
  5. by   dorshee
    does anyone know if finaid needs to be received by the 5th or just postmarked by the 5th?
  6. by   marann1234
    At Duke Days it seemed like it needed to be in by the 5th.
  7. by   Evita
    Good luck to the final group of applicants tomorrow! I know you'll all do great.
  8. by   NormaP
    Dear Evaamber,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Tomorrow's the big day for me, and I'm finally feeling a bit nervous. I'm finishing up the last of the scholarship essays now. I had budgeted plenty of time for them this week, but my kids have been home with the flu, and they came first.

    Looking forward to the next two weeks passing quickly.
  9. by   NormaP
    In my search for information on Financial Aid, I discovered this informative series on a New York Times educational blog site. http://thechoice.blogs.nytimes.com/a...rk-kantrowitz/

    Published in January of this year, the series has seven parts which address various reader questions concerning the FAFSA and various financial aid qualifications. While not every answer will be applicable to every individual, I found quite a bit of useful information concerning the nitty gritty details of financial aid.
  10. by   ocennia
    Hope all the interviews went well!
    Now we all just sit and wait!!
  11. by   AnginaAngelaRN
    Just finished interviews and I think they went pretty well. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was super nice. Too bad that our Duke Day had to be the day with the crappiest weather. So excited for this wait coming up!

    Just wanted to say HEY to Norma. It was nice meeting you! (I'm the girl who wore the blue dress

    How did everyone's interview go?
  12. by   Hollynski
    Hey everyone!

    I'm new here but I also had my interview this past Friday at Duke and it was so great to meet everyone. Truly a very talented and intelligent group- I'm sure it will make for some very tough decisions on behalf of the admissions committee.

    My interviews were OK. I went first (at 10am) in the morning and unfortunately the "Welcome" and program overview ran so late that I found myself in a panic to get to my first interview on the third floor in time. By the time I found the room at 10:02 my heart was racing and I could not relax enough to answer the questions as well as I would have liked. Second interview was great- finally calmed down and was cool as a cucumber. I just hope the first one doesn't really hurt my chances!

    How did everyone else's go?

    Only eight days to go! Best of luck to everyone!!

  13. by   NormaP
    It was great meeting you also. I don't think of you as the girl with the blue dress, but as the one with the red coat of perfect color and cut. It was a whirlwind of a day, and I fell asleep as soon as I got back home.

    I'm looking forward to the week going by quickly. I'm glad we were in the last group because we don't have to wait long for the news.