Duke ABSN Fall 2011 - page 14

Hi all! I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011!... Read More

  1. by   ocennia
    I went to undergrad at State and worked next to Scripps in La Jolla- love San Diego!! I'm an LA girl though!
  2. by   marann1234
    I'm out of state also, grew up in NY but have been living in San Francisco for the past 3 years. I can't believe interviews start next week.
  3. by   ocennia
    Good luck to everyone who has their interviews this week!!
    I have mine next Friday and just booked a hotel- this is really happening!

    Did anyone else apply to UNC Chapel Hill?
    What do you think of the UNC versus Duke argument?
  4. by   NormaP
    Davidson, NC grad. Now I live about 30-40 min from Duke.
  5. by   NormaP
    Wishing good fortune to all who are interviewing this week:spin:. My interview is in February now. Anyone else in February?

    Off to studying now, and then to work...Can't believe interview time is already upon us.

  6. by   Evita
    Thanks for the good vibes. They are much appreciated! I fly out tomorrow, and I'll be staying at the Millennium, if anyone wants to chat. I'll have my handy dandy internet phone, so I can respond to emails and messages. I am so excited!
  7. by   ocennia
    Good luck!!!
  8. by   marann1234
    Good luck to everyone who interviews tomorrow. I interview next week and am trying to prepare myself. How is everyone else preparing? I've been going over possible questions and reviewing my personal statement. I'm not sure what else to do. Any ideas?
  9. by   aspire2inspire
    Hi, Evaamber and all of the other people who interviewed today!!! How was it? Details, details, please! I interview next Friday and it's all I've been thinking about
  10. by   Evita
    Hi all. Well hold on to your hats because it is super competitive this year. Acceptances will be first round and second round of and first round is only 80 yes' from 164 interviews and second round is based on how many students accept. Everyone was so nice and the facility was so amazing and now I want to go more than ever. Interview was basic stuff but I totally fumbled. I got assigned to the last interview of the day and I was just really tired and nervous by then. Ugh. Well now off for some real southern BBQ!
  11. by   dorshee
    so they said there were 420 applicants, 350 that met minimum criteria, 163 interviewed, and they're aiming for a class size of 72. They plan to extend first round offers to 80-85 people and will make those decisions by feb 14 and notify that week via email that tells you to check the application site with your login. First round people will have until April 1 to make a decision, then second round will get notified. After second round start responding, then it's just person by person on the waitlist until they get their 72.

    Yes, interview is basic - 2 15 minute 1:1 sessions. Very fast and no tricky questions. As expected for a 15 minute interview Good luck all! they do a great job selling the program.
  12. by   NormaP
    Dorshee and Evaamber,

    Thanks for the details. I appreciate you both taking the time to post during such a busy weekend. Being rather pragmatic, I find it comforting to know the numbers well before my February interview date.

    Evaamber, I am still believing that you will receive an invitation to attend Duke despite your self-reported interview mishap. Many of the others were probably nervous and tired as well, so the odds are still pretty good that you will be admitted.

  13. by   ocennia
    Thanks for posting this very useful information - it's comforting to know what's coming, takes the edge off!

    Good luck and hope to hear about all of your acceptances for the fall!!