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Hi all! I know its early and the application isn't due until December 1st, but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there applying to the Duke ABSN program to start in August of 2011!... Read More

  1. by   Evita
    Heads up chicos/chicas. I was looking at the scholarship page and it seems that most scholarship essays are due Feb 5th.
    Has anyone gotten additional info on the interviews yet?
    I fly out to Durham 2 weeks from today!
  2. by   ocennia
    I noticed that on the scholarship application it said Feb 5th but on the online application it gave a different date. I submitted mine already just in case but I wasn't able to finish my FAFSA because I haven't done my tax returns.

    This is a question I asked the financial aid lady but I am still confused. My aid will be based on my tax returns, but those are based on my income as a full time worker, so how are they going to know that I need money if they base my "needs" on what I make now?

    Has anyone spoken to anyone about this??
  3. by   NormaP

    Thanks for the update on the scholarship applications! I needed the update as I am just getting back in the school mode after a good visit with family over the holidays.

    I thought I was going to be interviewing on January 21, but my Microbiology prof said it would be a terrible day to miss lab. Had to take a February spot, so I guess I'll meet you all later on.

  4. by   NormaP

    i read somewhere that you can submit a fafsa without completing your tax returns. the fafsa would be based on estimated income based on pay stubs and the like. later on you would amend it.

    i did a search and found this link with info from howard university's office of student financial services. http://www.zazaknowledge.com/article...7107&aid=20079

    "[color=#244061]you do not have to wait until you (or your parents) have filed their 2010 tax returns
    [color=#244061]fafsa requires information from both the student and parents’ (for dependent students) federal income tax returns. the u.s. department of education allows you to submit estimated income and tax figures. there is no penalty assessed for filing estimated tax figures on the fafsa[color=#244061]. you may correct the information at a later time, if necessary, at www.fafsa.ed.gov[color=#244061]."

    hope that is helpful for you. now i just need to get going myself.

  5. by   marann1234
    Thanks for the info. Norma. It motivated me to complete my FAFSA this afternoon. I'm still working on the other Duke scholarships. However, I think I'm only eligible for 1 of them. So I think I'm going crazy, the first time I looked at the Duke need based scholarship I thought I saw that I need to write an essay for it. But I'm looking at the page now with the intent to write the essay and can't find anything about it. Can anybody settle this for me?
  6. by   ocennia
    Hi marann1234,

    You only need three essays: broadening the community, rise to the challenge and service to the public. I think they just consider you for the need based based on the those essays and the FAFSA.

    I have another question for anyone who may know: by when do we have to complete the FAFSA?
  7. by   marann1234
    Thanks ocennia! So if I'm not applying for the other 3 scholarships (I don't qualify for them, unfortunately) they don't have anything to use to determine my need-based scholarship?

    I'm not sure of the official date for FAFSA, but I've heard the sooner the better. Apparently, Federal funds tend to run out quickly.
  8. by   ocennia
    All you have to do is the FAFSA, the DUKE online financial aid app which is super short, and fill out the scholarship cover form and mail that in. They'll consider you for the need based. I'm pretty sure that's it!
  9. by   ocennia
    but you have to check the box for need based!
  10. by   murph1009
    So I'm not sure if any of you are in the same boat but...

    I just graduated from college in the spring and am currently bunking with the 'rents. I was fortunate enough to get my undergrad paid for through them and scholarships so I have never taken out a student loan. As of right now, I am a dependent to my parents.

    However, I am going to have to foot the entirety of my nursing education/ living expenses. When I answer the questions on my FASFA, they put me in a dependent status and with my parent's income, I won't qualify for any financial aide, even though they wont be paying for my education. Any suggestions? I emailed financial aide but they havent responded! Is anyone in the same boat? What are you doing?
  11. by   NormaP

    Duke FAFSA information and deadlines from last year can be found at this link:

    Financial Aid - Duke University School of Nursing - Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    (My Note: Even though last year Duke had a priority filing date of April 30 for the fall semester, it seems like you'd have to have it filled out by Feb. 5 for the need based scholarship.)

    "Admission Semester Priority Filing Date FAFSA Year
    Fall 2010 April 30, 2010 2010-2011

    First Time FAFSA Filers

    Step 1 - Gather the required documents and resources.

    You will need:

    • A government PIN number that can be obtained at www.pin.ed.gov
    • This PIN functions as your online signature. The PIN will also enable you to make additions, corrections and file a renewal FAFSA next year (required). If you are a dependant student, a parent or guardian will also need to register for a PIN.
    • Your social security number
    • Your W-2 forms and other records of money earned
    • Your federal income tax return (and that of your spouse, if married)
    • Your parents' federal income tax return (if you are a dependant student)
    • Any foreign tax return or tax return from Puerto Rico
    • Your untaxed income records - i.e. Social Security, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, welfare, or veterans benefits records.
    • Your bank statements

    Step 2 - Fill out an the FAFSA application at www.FAFSA.ed.gov

    Accelerated BSN students – don’t forget to:

    • Enter the Duke School of Nursing school code which is E00162
    • The Duke School of Nursing has a separate financial aid office from Duke University financial aid office.
    • When asked, indicate that you will be working to complete your "2nd Bachelor's Degree." Your grade level when entering the ABSN program is classified as "5th year/other undergraduate." If you are simultaneously applying to a graduate program, this information must be corrected prior to receiving aid from us.
    • Provide your spouse's income information, as well as your own, if you are married.
    • Report your parents' income if you are a dependant ABSN student in addition to your own.
    • Sign your FAFSA using your unique government PIN. Have at least one parent or guardian sign your FAFSA using a PIN if you are a dependent student."

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  12. by   ocennia
    I hope everyone is doing well and not too nervous- I am a wreck!
    I was wondering if anyone else here is from out of state? I would be out of state if I were to get in and am just wondering how many of the students in the program typically are from other states!
  13. by   Evita
    San diego gal here.