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Does anyone know where I can get affordable training to become a CNA in Charlotte? I'll be living in Ballantyne. Thanks in advance!:icon_hug:... Read More

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    Quote from NikkeyB
    I looked on the CPCC webpage, but I don't know what the CNA training is under, is there a specific name I should be looking for? I really want to become a CNA and I wanted to train in either the winter or summer because I am a current college student.

    Thanks so much, Have a great day!
    Nikkey B
    Hi Nikkey,

    Hope this helps
    if for some reason the link doesn't work then go to I just searched nurse aide and it came up. But nurse aide is classified as Healthcare continuing education

    Also I've been seeing ads for someone offering 2-3day Nurse Aide training around Charlotte. Does anyone have any experience with that and can comment?

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    To become a CNA in NC, individuals does not have to graduate from a state approve course. If fact anyone can move to the state of NC and walk off the street and take the state exam and pass. Individuals doing so will have up to 3 tried to pass the written & skills exam before being required to take a college course, even so does that mean the person will pass? Certainly not, some individuals just doesn't have what it takes to enter into the medical field.
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