Cape Fear CC 2011?

  1. Any people applied to CFCC for fall of 2011 and waiting for the letters? I did and am going crazy! hoping it will be end of March/early April. Point count reviews are this week.
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  3. by   Courtney0616
    i'm still waiting... i have a feeling i wont get in, and i know i'll be crushed ... i heard 300 (aprox) of over 500 that applied were actually eligbl. to apply this year... how are your points looking?? good luck!!!
  4. by   jbplmbt
    I'm waiting as well. Glad to see you two on here! The counselor that did my point count review said letters are going out March 25th. Do you mean that 300 people passed their PSB as well? If so, wow those are scary competitive numbers!! This is my first year applying to nursing school and we're moving to the area in June. Have you all applied before and do you mind if I ask you what your point total was(mine was 290)? I asked the counselor what the range of points were for last year's students that made it into the program and she said this year they were counting the PSB scores differently so she couldn't tell me whether I was even competitive or not. Anyway, look forward to hearing from you all!
  5. by   wtc-wilmington
    At least we know that the field was slightly weeded out, even if it leaves more qualified applicants to compete against, I cant wait till this coming up weekend (when the letters should be sent) I've been waiting since october when i applied. This is my first time applying and am scared to death that I wont get in, I also asked the advisor about any hint towards what the numbers looked like and got nowhere. My points I wish were higher, overall I have 331, the spelling on the PSB completely killed my score, barely made the cutoff on it! I wish I had some idea on the applicant "pool". Good luck to everyone applying! Hope to be meeting ya'll at orientation in the summer!
  6. by   Tatk
    I'm SO glad that I'm not the only one F R E A K I N G out!!! I'm so impatient with waiting to hear about changes that affect my future!!! I feel like this process has lasted forever. I got a 309, which I'm bummed about. I did good on the PSB, but I really lack the pre-reqs and I would rather do them while in the program than do more school before getting in. All of my appendages are crossed, even my boss asks every time I see her if there is news, she may be more impatient than I am!!
    This is the only school I applied to, so hopefully other applicants will end up accepting other offers leaving more room for people like me!!
    I really wish there was some kind of online update letting us know the news instantly instead of having to wait and being kept in the dark about any changes with the time frame or what the status is. I get nervous every day I drive home wondering if there's a letter waiting, I know, I'm obsessed!

    Good luck to EVERYBODY! I hope there is GREAT news in the mail ASAP!!
  7. by   wtc-wilmington
    Completely freaking out for a few months now, just getting worse everyday, should be hearing this weekend, letters mail out Friday, takes a day to get to my house, wish I could just pick it up straight from school!!
  8. by   Tatk
    YES, MONTHS! It started for me in July when I applied to CFCC and has lasted this long, I'm surprised I've survived, but I'll be heartbroken if I don't get accepted! I really hope they send them out this weekend, I don't know how much longer I can wait!
  9. by   wtc-wilmington
    Hopefully the wait will only be another 3 days, good luck to everyone on here! Hope to see ya'll at orientation in the summer!
  10. by   Courtney0616
    hey guys.... i didnt get in... just got my letter... they said 383 applicants was the total... i didnt even get chosen as al ALT.... uhgg i hope you all have better luck!!! im crushed... im in the cna program at cfcc now ...(class tonight actually) but my hearts been set on the RN program for about 3 years now...and just when i finish all the classes required, i get denied...

    im dying to know what points people had that DID get in!!!!! ill be back on with my actual total later... i forget the exact #....
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. by   wtc-wilmington
    Just got my letter too, no go. I dont know what I am going to do now, that was my one school.
  12. by   Courtney0616
    278... i only got a 38 on the spelling part of the psb...that killed me... and i have a C in eng. which to honest even if i got an A would have only given me 2 more points so.... im so bummed 2 girls in my CNA class didnt get in either.... 1 girl knows 2 ppl that did get in today...they had 360 and 380 in case you guys were wondering where the range fell.....thats all i have heard so far on points that made it in....

    sorry everyone!
  13. by   Tatk
    I also got my letter today and didn't get in. I'm pretty bummed about it! I got amazing scores on the PSB, so the classes really hurt me in the end. I guess it was an extra competitive year. We'll see if I try for next year!
  14. by   jaimeandjules
    I just got my acceptance letter into the CFCC Fall 2011 ADN program and I just wanted to post my scores for future reference to those wondering an 'approximate' point count total for acceptance.. although next year I'm sure it will be totally different but anywho, I was obsessing and googling similar info myself last fall so here it is...

    My overall point count total was 339. On the PSB, I made:
    Verbal 97
    Arithemtic 80
    Non Verbal 86
    Natural Science 73
    Spelling 69
    Reading Comprehension 98
    Vocational 97

    I also had all of my pre requisites completed with the exception of the higher level English at the time of my application. I had A's in all subjects and had also completed ACA 122 worth 5 points and attended the information session worth 2 points. All in all I received a total score of 78 based on grades. Half of 78 plus half of 600 from PSB = 339. I definitely did not do as great on the PSB as I would have hoped, so I was never certain that I would get in but boy was I excited and relieved to finally get that letter! I went in to speak with the director of nursing to day to get an idea of the weekly schedule and I happened to see my spot on the acceptance list.. I was like number 70 or so!Just barely made it in.. whew! So, most of the other people that got in had better scores! I guess it is just extremely competitive with the lack of jobs everyone is wanting to go into allied health fields.
    I am really sorry to all who did not get in.. maybe you could apply to the LPN program? Apllication period is now and you can transition into the RN program once you complete the LPN. Good luck to all whatever you decide to pursue..
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