Bayada Nurses pay rate

  1. Has anyone worked for them? Do they offer regular raises/cost of living increase? I recently interviewed with them and was shocked at how low the pay started at. $20/hr. for RN's. I thought it would be higher for skilled care. The average pay in a doctor's office is $25/hr. Plus the cost of health insurance for a family was INSANE!!! Almost $250/wk. That is more than double what most facilites charge!
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  3. by   lynswim
    Whew!! I've seen lots of ads for them and have actually thought about applying. Sounds like their money goes to advertising for nurses, not paying them
  4. by   barefootlady
    A neighbor of my daughter worked for them for a short time. She said she was not happy with them. I think she worked in-home and had a problem with her relief nurse getting there on time. Her pay was around 23/hr. She worked nights. I think she moved and went to another agency.
  5. by   sbjohnson
    Up here in Asheville the pay rate at Bayada for RNs is also $20/hr, $22/hr on weekends. No night differential.
  6. by   sbjohnson
    Oh I might add however that the big hospital here Mission pays new grads less than $20/hr starting pay.
  7. by   neygray
    I think I would look at a different agency. I live in the Triad area, and right off the bat, the recruiter told me the starting salary of $20. I must have had 'that look' because he continued with "but think of all of the skills you will be gaining managing vent pts", etc. I told him no thanks. I'm not comfortable managing vent patients in a hospital, much less the home where you are the sole provider. What area are you in. I work for Nursefinders and they have contracts with both hospitals, dr.'s offices, LTC, etc. Their pay varies depending upon where you work, but the lowest pay was the physicians office and it was $20/hr.
  8. by   barefootlady
    Hi Neygray,
    Is Nursefinders a good agency? I have heard mixed reviews on them. I seem to be being pushed by other circumstances into that area for work.
  9. by   neygray
    If you don't mind one on one, with quite sick patients many times, it might be right for you. But, that isn't my cup of tea. If I'm going to have someone go bad, I want the code team within close reach. I've also had contact with many that complain about the relief nurse not arriving on time often. Have you thought of agencies that contract with hospitals? The ones in this area usually pay more than the home care agencies. As far as the company itself, I didn't go to work for them based upon those reasons, so I couldn't give you an experienced answer. Hope you find something that works for you.
  10. by   Joe N635DC
    I recently crossed one of their recruiters and she stated as well that they start at around $22. I'm sorry but no. They can keep it, when I finally graduate I'll stick it out for a place willing to pay properly. They are kind of a joke really in terms of pay. I wouldn't even think about leaving the house for that.
  11. by   msfuturern
    Florence Nursing pays their LPNs more than that i think LPNs get 22 and 24 on the weekends.
  12. by   madamsRN
    I work for Bayada Nurses part time. I started just about a month ago. they started me at $25/hr. I live in Central New Jersey. at my fulltime job I make $33/hr. HUGE DIFFERENCE
  13. by   EmilyLucille523
    I recently had a job interview with Bayada and got offered a job. Starting pay for RN rate with experience $18.95/hr and on weekends $20.95/hr. Total insult. Needless to say, I told them no. (I live in Triad area of North Carolina by the way.)
  14. by   JjoBsn
    Quote from madamsRN
    I work for Bayada Nurses part time. I started just about a month ago. they started me at $25/hr. I live in Central New Jersey. at my fulltime job I make $33/hr. HUGE DIFFERENCE

    Hi MadamsRN,

    I live in South Jersey and I was wondering if you still work for Bayada? If so, how do you like the agency and did you have many years of experience before you started working for them? Also is your full time job in a hospital setting as opposed to home health? Sorry about all the questions. Thanks!