On the opposite side of poor Bortaz's unit... | allnurses

On the opposite side of poor Bortaz's unit...

  1. 23 We sent two of our chronic babes to children's rehab today! Best feeling in the world when you have former 24 weekers who have had every single complication known to man, end up trached and with GT's and with a gloomy outlook , who end up very appropriate 8 month old babes! My co-workers and I have empty nest now! Good luck out little sweeties!!!
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    Yay! Glad to hear
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    I was at the State Fair yesterday and ran into a former home-vent/ hypoplastic right heart/ Pierre' Robin kiddo. Five years old now, decannulated, Fontan complete and (this made me cry) going to kindergarten on the BUS!!!!!

    I asked her is she remembered me (I was her home nurse) and she looked at me with that 'duh' look and said "You're Mary!"
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    These are the moment we hang onto!!!! Somehow it makes everything alright!
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    Awwww! Gave me a teary eye! I don't know how you guys do the things you do! But thank God you do!!
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    The OT called our OT and she said that the two of them were in "playgroup" today with 3 other babes their age and they were having a blast! It is times like this that make you step back and be thankful!
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    Wow that's awesome!

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