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NRP certification online?

  1. 0 I am again in a "I want to be in NICU" phase. Have a lot of adult experience and every few years think about doing this change, but don't get hired due to lack of experience, then get discouraged and give up. Now I am looking into it again. Should I try to get NRP certified, will that get them to hire me? Also, I found an online NRP certification course for $225... has anyone used that and is it a good program? I am surprised there is no in-person skills evaluation. I also would buy the book from Amazon. I am just wondering if this is something worth going ahead and doing NOW. ?? Thanks.
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    There is a skills--you have to do a mega-code lab and you can't get the card without it.

    $225 seems awfully high for a class too...

    Good idea to do, don't get discouraged because it will probably be hard for you if all you know is adults and will probably have to study a bit...also look into STABLE.
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    You want to NRP in's one of those courses you can't get value of without being present for it.
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    Thanks, that's what I thought. It seemed shady. I was wondering if anyone here has used it or if it was reputable but I guess not, might be a scam or something. I will try and find a live one!
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    0 hospital is now doing NRP certs and re-certs without a classroom component. We basically get the book to study, then take 9 tests in Healthstream, then within 30 days we go to a megacode lab to demonstrate the skills.

    I did this earlier this month, couple hours online at work as time allowed for the "tests" or "quizzes", then a little over an hour at the megacode lab with 7 other staff and a facilitator.
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    Bortaz, you are a NICU nurse though and very familiar with NRP. This is someone who doesn't have a neonatal background and I'm thinking they may feel a little lost without that classroom experience.
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    Yeah, that's definitely true. I feel, though, that this is the (near) future of this type of course, and we'll eventually (soon) not even have the option to attend a didactic lecture.
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    We only do renewal this way. You have to have some actual hands on experience under your belt (ie on orientation) for the stuff to click really. We have an actual class for our newbies. Also, if you need it for work, your place of employment pays for it. I wouldn't spend the money out of pocket, it really is not going to make you more marketable.
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    Actually, the American Academy of Pediatrics is changing the way NRP will be completed. Everybody will have to do the online component and then have a period of time to find an instructor for skills validation. As a NRP instructor, I recently completed the transition package for the online rollout. All new courses that my employer sponsors are online with a day long skills validation component. You can access and pay for online access through the AAP website. I believe the online exam is a bit under $30.00; however, instructors may charge for their portion.
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    here it is from an NRP Instructor.

    The only option to become officially certified is to attend a certification course that is held by an AAP certified instructor, using the AAP course materials and AAP guidelines. The course has just been revamped this past year and requires the student to self-study prior to the class time. Within 30 day prior to the class, the student also has to take the pre class exam that covers the material and the student/provider must pass the exam.
    The class itself is as short as one hour now. It includes talking about skills, team work and then includes scenarios and debriefing.

    When you get a NICU job, they will provide you with an NRP course. If you already work in a hospital, enquire with the department of women's and children's to see if they can help you attend a certification course next time it's offered.
    Good luck!
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    Having a NRP course will not make her marketable so I think she will be wasting her time and money. Also the cost of the course is $29.00 which is now online then you will have to do a demo code with a certified instructor. I dont know what part of the country you are in but I know here in Philly they have hired new grads in the NICU. I know there are lots more opportunity to be part of externship program and I know of a couple new grads that was hired in NICU after their externship.

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