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  1. denicu

    NAS, How do you score?

    I think its crazy too but as a traveler I have to go along with their plan of care.
  2. denicu

    NAS, How do you score?

    The thinking is that if scores have not gone down since last medication was given then there is a possibility that infant may need an increase dose. Didnt make sense to me but this is what they do and it started shortly before I left the assignment.
  3. denicu


    I am a nicu traveler so I have seen quite a few programs. Most popular seems to be EPIC but others that I have work with are CERNER, SORIAN, CPN(only HCA hosps uses it), MEDITECH and CRIB NOTES.
  4. denicu

    NAS, How do you score?

    Something new that was being done at the above unit-if score is above 8, medicate as ordered (morphine is usually q 3hrs) and re-evaluate in 1 hr which means waking baby up to do the score again. If still above 8 call MD.
  5. denicu

    NAS, How do you score?

    I think Finnegan scoring system is the universal system that is used. As for the 2nd RN check, I think its a great idea. I just came from a unit that has quite a few withdrawal babies . I usually work nights and I try to keep the environment as quiet as possible and my score tends to be lower. I will come in 12hrs later and the scores are way higher and infants has increase dose of morphine so I dont mind the 2nd RN checking the scores with me. Last wk I attended the ANN conference in Orlando and NAS was one of the most popular seminars. Some units do use the 2 RN check, sending babies home on low dose Morphine, the use of Morphine and Phenobarbital as well as Clonidine to treat these babies.
  6. denicu

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    I did send all paperwork overnight to the CA BON-costly but a better paper trail. As for NURSYs, years ago an agency paid for my DC license to be sent to CA BON. From what I read here I thought it expired at 90 days but whenever I logged into NURSYS to have it sent-i would get message-already sent so I called up the nursys and they also said there are no 90 expiration date-once paid its good. Did not pay again and got my license.
  7. denicu

    Start a nursing career in Georgia

    I know of quite a few seasoned nurse who moved to ATL area from high paying areas such as NY, CT etc but cont to fly in and work a weekend program because she just couldnt make it on the salary they were paying in GA.
  8. denicu

    NANN conference

  9. denicu

    8 weeks of orientation

    I think 8 wks is too short a time-more like 12 -16wks and always having a resource person after orientation. On one of my the travel assignments, nurses were being pulled off orientation and given critical babies due to understaffing. The task was completed but you can tell by their report they didnt know why they were doing it. One girl was given a jet ventilator without a preceptor having only taken care of NC and CPAP. About 2 hrs into the shift she came to me to complain- I told her go to the CN and have her change her assignment-which she did. Scary.
  10. denicu

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    I along with many folks paid for a temp license but didnt get one. However, I remember a prev poster writing that someone at CA BON told her that they will issue a temp license to someone who has everything for endorsement but is missing the communication requirement. By issuing the temp which is good for 6 months, it gives the applicant the time to take a class to satisfy the requirement.
  11. a personal check is the best way to go. You will have an idea when it was cashed. No so with a money order.
  12. denicu

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    No I didnt go to the BON-I was thinking about it but couldnt find a cheap enough airfare to justify going there plus I kept extending on my then travel contract so I was ok with the 3 month timeframe that BON was saying it will take me to get the license.
  13. denicu

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

  14. denicu

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    I am sure they need verification from PA. That is also my original state license. I called the PA board of nursing to ask if my verification to CA can be expedited-the person I spoke to said it generally will go out in 10 days. I paid for temp license but only got a perm which took only 6 wks. From all the posts I have read, it seems the only way they will give you a temp is if you go to the CA BON.
  15. denicu

    How long is livescan valid for?

    i dont know if it makes a difference but I did my livescan in dec 2014 and did not send my application in for endorsement until march 2015. There was no problem because I got my license aprox 6 wks later.
  16. denicu

    CNA in the NICU

    If they are nursing students in their last yr they can do VS, po and ng/og feed. Reg CNA that is floated from other areas just do VS and po feed. One place that I worked,the CNA could do lab work because prev they were lab techs that did labs in the unit, then they were cross trained to NICU.