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What level Nicu is your unit. ex: Mine is Level III C in KY Where do you keep your supplies? Is there a set of drawers for each bedside stocked full of supplies. Or is there a centralized cart for the whole nursery. How... Read More

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    To the OP:

    The unit where I work allows some supplies in the infant's bed drawers (be it giraffe, RW or OC) and a bedside cart with a larger drawer for general hospital linens, a larger drawer for personal supplies such as clothing, a smaller drawer for feeding supplies such as bottles, nipples, oral syringes & feed tubing. Another smaller drawer keeps IV supplies, heelwarmers, lancets, alcohol, chloropreps, saline wipes, leads, KY packets and a few other odds & ends.

    The infant's bed drawer will usually have suction catheters, saline bullets, tapes, extra positioners, leftover hemostats, scissors, topical creams, diaper creams and maybe some extra hats.

    An interesting thing is that they used to change their minds every few months about what happened when the infant was discharged. Obviously if packaging had been opened, then the supply was discarded, but I never could keep up with whether we were discarding or crediting back intact supplies. Thankfully for the past several years, we've stayed consistent with crediting back supplies with intact packaging (as long as the infant is not in isolation).

    Bortaz. . .

    It always amuses me what each hospital tries to pass off as "Joint Commission" requirements that are really just some management type's preference. I used to call them on it when I worked at two different hospitals by questioning why another hospital 10 miles away just passed their survey and they aren't required to or forbidden from . . . . I got them to admit on a few things that it was really a "physician preference" or "Well, our manager prefers".
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    Level 3

    Every baby has their own cart with a sanitizer on top. One side of the cart has an area for boxes of gloves. The other side has a sharps container. The front is made of drawers, where supplies are kept, like IVs, diapers, wipes, soft pads, heel warmers, NG tubes, syringes, formula, bottles and nipples, etc. There is a supply pyxis between each pod. The formula, diapers, linens, etc. are kept in a separate supply room, and there's only one for the whole unit.

    We have 7 pods and two "rooming in" rooms. They are used for some babies the night before discharge, so parents can come in and do what they would do if the baby were at home without us. The rooms are under surveillance. We also have a pumping room.

    Then there are the ECMO room and all the lounges...MD/NP, respiratory, resident workspace, and quiet counsel room.

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