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  1. I'm happy to say that after just over six months of nursing on a unit that I haven't enjoyed, I have an interview for a NICU position this coming week! I know I'm a newer nurse, but my dream is to work in a NICU, and right out of school there weren't any opportunities so I took a med-surg position and have found myself disliking almost every moment I'm at work.

    I'm hoping that working in an area I'm passionate about will help me remember why I went to nursing school in the first place. Does anyone have any tips for a NICU interview? I really want to ace this so I can get this job, and I'm pretty nervous for the interview!

    Thank you so much!
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    Not to be a downer, but hopping to a new unit will not necessarily make you happy. I LOVE the NICU, not always the people I work with, but I truly love the NICU. That being said nursing of all kinds is hard work and that's no matter where you go.
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    I took the same route you did. I initally started off in Med-Surg after nursing school since everyone told me I needed to in order to perfect my time management and skills but I transferred to the NICU after a year of Med-Surg. Best decision ever! I am currently traveling as an NICU nurse after a year working in the NICU!

    Just be yourself in the interview and let them kow how passionate you are about working in the NICU. Basically, sell yourself as being open to learn. They know you are new to the NICU so they will have to train you because the NICU is totally different from Med-Surg.

    Good Luck and let us know if you get a job offer!
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    Thank you for your response! I have the interview today so I'm crossing my fingers!
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    I don't think anyone really cares, but I got offered the job and will start transitioning into the NICU soon! I'm very excited and had to share it somewhere!
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    Congratulations yoga-rn. Of course there are people who care. Good luck in your new endeavor!
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