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ilovenicu16 has 5 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. ilovenicu16

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    and the ID Doc said it would highly unlikely I would get anything back when we all thought she was positive for HIV. He didn't mention anything about the course of action but said he would think it would be ok to continue breastfeeding
  2. ilovenicu16

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    I'm not sure, the employee health nurse who handles exposure situations said if the source is clear on blood work, then there is no need for retesting? She came back clear of everything so she said I'm clear too.
  3. ilovenicu16

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    Thank you so much for responding back! Employee Health talked to me today and said everything so far looks clear. They are just waiting back to see the mother's Hep C status so I won't know until tomorrow. They said if she is all clear, I won't need to come back for serial testing, just this once and done.
  4. ilovenicu16

    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    I'm freaking out and need some information on people who have had a bodily fluid exposure. Today I had breastmilk splash in my eye. I'm still waiting on mother of baby to come in and get tested, but her labs drawn in Aug and Last week were negative. I'm still freaking out. I initially almost totally lost it because the note in the admit summary said positive for HIV and nobody passed it on. Come to find out the NP accidentally marked it HIV positive mom, but it was a mistake. She fixed it in the computer but never printed out a new sheet and the Doc never signed the new sheet to replace in the chart. So for 3 hours I thought mom was HIV positive and was freaking the F out!! I breastfeed my daughter and the infectious disease doc from house sup called said he doubts it would be in breastmilk and even if she were positive it wouldn't convert yet. Today is a holiday so I'm waiting to hear from Employee Health tomorrow on when to get retested etc. Do I stop breastfeeding my daughter? I'm so upset about this!! I worked so hard in breastfeeding her and to have it come to an end because of something like this. I did wash my eye out about 10 min after it happened and got labs drawn. Has anyone had something similar happen?? Can you tell me about it? What about breastfeeding?
  5. What ended up happening??? I had a breastmilk exposure in my eye today and I'm freaking out!!
  6. ilovenicu16

    Transitioning from NICU to Peds Hem/Onc

    Thanks for the replies! I love my new job! It is definitely different than the NICU setting, but I love it. It is challenging having to learn how to interact with a wide range of age groups as they can be radically different. Don't worry about looking dumb in front of parents. Many of the parents (in my setting at least) have been coming to the clinic for years so they know who is new and understand. If you don't know an answer, just say that you are not sure and will be sure to find out for them.
  7. I have been in NICU for almost 5 years and I am now going to transition to an outpatient Peds Hem/Onc clinic. I am very excited but nervous at the same time. Anyone have any tips, whether you made the transition yourself, or are currently in an outpatient Peds Hem/Onc setting?
  8. ilovenicu16

    RNs Relocating to Las Vegas

    Don't believe people when they say hospitals in Vegas won't hire people from out of state. I moved from out of state and had my pick of hospital to work at easily. We actually like it it here so far. The pay is GREAT (about 55/hr for Per Diem) in a critical care unit at St. Rose. The standard of living is pretty low. Just put your app out to multiple places and see where you get bites. Never hurts to prod HR a little either if you don't hear anything back soon
  9. ilovenicu16


    I have 3 years experience in a level III NICU and want to try for my RNC this year. For those who have taken and passed the test, how much time did you devote to studying and how long did you study for before taking the test? What is your experience level? Also, if anyone happens to know...do NICUs in AZ pay more for RNC?