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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often to lend some support and... Read More

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    Good luck.

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    I'm so proud of all of you. My dream job is to be a NICU nurse. My 1st job will be in a Peds Hospital and if I do will in this new nurse program and on the interviews once the program is over then they will hire me on perm. Then maybe I can get some experience and maybe move to the NICU - Good Luck everyone.
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    Good luck followmydream!

    Welcome precious2himrnbsn!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!
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    My first day is next week, so my countdown has begun. My daughter is excited for me to start work too, because she will be going to 'school'. She talks about it all the time.

    I found out that we are getting copies of the Merenstein & Gardener book that is so highly recommended on this board, so I'm glad that I didn't buy it. I have a 2008 neofax, but I'm waiting to see if we are getting new copies of that too before I go look for a new one myself.

    I can't recall if this has been asked, but what area of the country is everyone in? I'm in New England.
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    my dream has come true! I was just offered a position in the NICU! I had given up because my interview was so long ago, but I just received the call. the hospital trainings and NICU classes start next week and I couldn't be more excited!!
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    Hey, I am still in school but hoping for a NICU area job after graduations - I live in the Kansas City Area. Any tips on what hospitals look for? GPA? Any advice would be great!!

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    Hello new grad nurses...

    I am completing school this term and want to try and get into NICU for final practicum..I found this thread and enjoyed reading everyone stories. Now that it's been awhile for some who've originally posted...anyone feel it was too challenging to start out in?? Maybe try another route if you could??

    I am trying to find if this is a fit for me. I always hated the floor for each rotation. The only one I didn't mind was Maternity/child health but I find what gets to me already on the floor is wanting to give more of my time when I cannot and those critical pts that need me most get ignored b/c I am busy giving bed baths and cleaning the room for to the stable ones. This is based on time only on adult maybe it's different on peds?
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    I am also still attending school for my prerequisites. When done, I would like to work in pediatrics, L&D, the nursery, or the NICU. Do anyone know the best hospitals to work in, for the state of Illinois?
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    I start orientation a week from Monday and I'm starting to get nervous! And very excited of course!

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