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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often... Read More

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    hiiii everyone. I'm a fairly new grad. I graduated last year in October '13. I worked in adult ICU for 10 months and starting level III NICU this month. I have absolutely no NICU experience with the exception of 3-4 days of observation during nursing school. I'm so excited and nervous. I've read many encouraging and discouraging posts on this thread.i'm just praying for the best. any advice from current NICU nurses out there?
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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    I don't believe that is a safe assignment, even with an experienced nurse helping you. You're also not likely to be learning anything in that situation.
    Agreed, that is not a safe assignment. I work in an extremely busy level IIIc unit and our oscillator kids are always 1:1.
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    Thank you to whoever started this thread!! I am only in my first year of my four year program but it is my dream job to be in the nicu! Eventually as an NNP!! Its great to see some positive posts about new grads in the NICU because I was starting to get very discouraged!! If anyone has any tips for me I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Congrats to all of you!
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    Just thought I'd bump this thread as we are always having new grads starting in the NICU

    I have read this thread before, and even posted in it a few years ago. I still haven't landed a NICU job but I am still trying my hardest and will never give up!! Have an interview in a few weeks for a level III NICU internship and am stoked! The last time I interviewed for NICU was right out of school and I totally flubbed it as I felt like I am under an insane amount of stress and pressure trying to land my first RN job out of school. Now with 2 years of RN experience and a current job I hope that I can go into this interview a LITTLE more relaxed as I don't feel the stress of needing a job ASAP for $$. Wish me luck!! Even if I don't get it this time, I will keep trying!!

    Any experienced NICU nurses want to chime in on this thread? Or I would love to hear stories of your 1st year in NICU. I love reading about the ups and downs of a NICU nurse
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    I just started in a level IV NICU back in May, and this evening is my first shift on my own after my residency. I would love to hear any advice from seasoned NICU nurses. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm supposed to be nervous, that I am a beginner and am expected to ask tons of questions - and I plan on pestering the other nurses with constant questions! Good luck to all of you out there who are hoping to get into a NICU position... it's an amazing place!
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    I just got off the phone with the NICU manager who I interviewed with yesterday - she offered me the internship!!!! Out of 150 applicants she said I was the top pick and that they were only hiring 2 interns!! I am beyond belief right now and so excited!!

    Those who have been around this board for a long time, you may have seen me post here for the past few years with my hopes and dreams of landing a NICU position. That's the whole reason I went into nursing in the first place. I graduated in 2013 and have been working pedatric home health just waiting to be accepted into a NICU has been a crazy 3 years of waiting!! I can't believe I have finally been accepted!! I was born at 24 weeks and I truly feel that the whole reason God gave me a chance is so I could help other preemies and ill babies and their families!! Ahhhhh I'm on cloud 9 right now. I start in October!!