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Calling all New Grad NICU nurses...thanks to a thread started by NurseDevonL, we have decided to start a support group. Hopefully some of our more experienced NICU nurses will look in every so often to lend some support and... Read More

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    The link to my sheet is in this thread and was still good as of last week. I'm also willing to email it if y'all would rather pm me your email address.
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    I also am not a new graduate, but I'm transferring to NICU very soon after spending almost 2 years on a mixed antepartum/mother-baby unit! I'm very excited to be joining you all!
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    Bortaz, RN-I found your sheet. I have it saved, so I can take it with me to work thanks for sharing it, and for all of the other advice you have posted here!
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    I have a NICU brain that I am willing to share as well. It is very structured, because I that's what I need to stay on task. PM me if you would like a copy.
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    I am still new, so I haven't met my 15 posts quite yet...I anticipate this very soon though! lol. I will PM you when I am able to PM on here. Thanks!!
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    I really appreciate everyone's advice on here!
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    Bortaz, RN could you please send me the spread sheet and the hand off that you emailed to other nurses? I would greatly appreciate it! Since I am a new grad in NICU I'm sure it will be a great help. I could not find your email address, and btw I just joined. Thank you so much-smlinar

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    Dear nurse Bortaz, I just sent you a comment regarding the spread sheet and the hand off that you emailed to other nurses. If you could please email it to me it would be greatly appreciated! Since I am a new grad in NICU, I am sure that it will be a great help. My email is
    Thank you so much!
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    I was searching through this thread looking for tips, and I found my old username that I had forgotten when I came back to this site. I was southern.bellex3. Just posting to say that anyone reading along who maybe doesn't get there the first go-round, keep trying You will!
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    I recently updated my NICU brain, if anyone is interested.
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