Neonatal Sepsis

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    I have to plan a creative/original 15 minute presentation on neonatal sepsis. Does anyone have any creative, fun, original ideas or suggestions for me? Thank you!!

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    Fun, creative, original = neonatal sepsis??
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    Yeah, hard to believe isn't it! (I'm just trying to make it interesting)
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    there is really nothing fun about neonatal sepsis. My poor daughter almost got an LP at 2 days old because they thought she had it although it turned out it was contaminated blood cultures. I would just say make an informational presentation.
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    To demonstrate a newborn, use a sponge
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    My suggestion, remember what it is like to sit through a presentation where someone reads word for word a powerpoint slide... HORRIBLE

    Be interactive, asking questions, showing pictures (of supplies, LP, ABX, etc) Get interesting statistics that have the "Wow I had no clue" factor

    And then maybe at the end, because I do agree the subject is the farthest thing from fun that I can imagine, close with "Now that you have learned about Neonatal Sepsis and are utterly depressed here is something to cheer you up" and have a Nursing Comic or a really funny TOTALLY off topic picture to cheer everyone up.

    Good luck!
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    Ugh! I don't understand why someone can't post a thread without another becoming personally offended. By "fun" the OP meant something that will keep her audience interested, not taking neonatal sepsis lightly, c'mon! *off soapbox*

    I would say plan an activity to get the audience involved. Be sure to use lots of visuals and try to stray from just using a power point. Have actual hands on things to show. Create a handout for people to take with them with your major points on it. Good luck!
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    Thank you for the suggestions!

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