Neonatal IV question - page 2

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I'm curious how everyone is covering their neonatal hand and arm IV's. In my SCN, some nurses like to cover them with diapers. I feel this looks tacky. I usually use one of our neonatal hats, not the ones made by our... Read More

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    We do not use armboards or cover IV sites. We have had no problems with babies scratching themselves.
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    We never cover our IVs in NICU, in PICU yes as those kids actually realize they have an I'VE in their arm/hand and might pull it out. In NICU sometimes all you have for access is a PIV and TPN is often run peripherally. I would NEVER have TPN, bicarbonate, a KCl blouse etc running peripherally and not be able to see the insertion site at least hourly. Infiltration can cause serious damage!!!