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  1. Online Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs

    I am really not sure why, but the Texas Board of Nursing stopped recognizing the Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist several years ago. I found that very interesting since UTMB in Galveston was still offering the program. The only Master's program t...
  2. GI/Endo certifications for New Grad?

    You can join SGNA, the professional organization for GI nurses.
  3. Advice for GI/endoscopy?

    Try SGNA.org, that is the professional organization for GI nurses
  4. Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Here is Texas, the Board of Nursing no longer recognizes Clinical Nurse Specialists. The only way to work in that position would be to complete a Master's program in Education or NNP. With the Master's degree and your neonatal experience, you would...
  5. Neonatal IV question

    We do not use armboards or cover IV sites. We have had no problems with babies scratching themselves.
  6. Where in Florida do you live? I went to Edison College in Fort Myers for my Associate's Degree and they have a great program. Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers is also a good program. If I lived near Tampa or Gainesville, I would recomme...
  7. is this a common thing with OVERTIME

    One of the reasons for staffing extra shifts with a RN than a PCT is that, when the poop hits the fan, a RN can take an assignment and a PCT can't.
  8. Paramedic to RN, ADN or BSN

    If you are able to do the BSN program (finances, time, etc.), do the BSN. Some hospitals will only hire BSN prepared nurses for critical care areas. Not saying it is right, just the way it is.
  9. RN to BSN Schools

    My program at Texas Tech was about the same and was complete in 2 semesters. The program was awesome and I highly recommend it. The only negative is that you have to go to Lubbock for orientation. Really, it wasn't a negative because I met the peo...
  10. Should I start looking?

    Unfortunately, negativity and drama can happen anywhere. If you are really interested in finding your "niche", by all means, start looking. You don't have to leave your current job until you find something that you think you would really like.
  11. continuing education for an ADN graduate????

    And Texas Tech has a RN-MSN program as well as a RN-DNP program.
  12. continuing education for an ADN graduate????

    My biggest regret in nursing is not getting my bachelor's as soon as I finished my ADN program. Every year after, I kept saying "next year I'll do it." Fourteen years later, I finally did it and I am so glad I did though it was much harder after be...

    Actually, PBDS is to assess your knowledge prior to the start of a new position and where educational opportunities exist. It is not punitive and gives your manager and preceptor guidance in planning your orientation. Many hospitals will reassess y...
  14. Transcutaneous bilirubinometry

    We do not use TcBs in our unit. Our kids usually are getting daily labs anyway so we order a serum bili. Also, the TcBs are not recommended for babies, I believe less than 35 weeks. Check the operator's manual for the TcB. Our hospital does use t...
  15. Books about nicu nurses?

    Baby ER by Edward Humas is very good though a little outdated since neonatal nursing is evolving so quickly. The stories are very good.