Is it made of acid? Fire? Cactus stickers?

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    Thermometers, I mean. These babies act like you're setting them on fire when you put the thermometer in the axillary pocket. I've decided that, from now on, I'd I need to stimulate a baby during a b&d, I'm gonna just poke a thermometer under his arm. Babies are silly.
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    really made me lol

    I tell this to parents all the time while teaching them how to take axillary temps..."For most, it's way worse than getting a heel stick!"
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    The parents always think I am really hurting their baby, ie. breaking the kiddo's arm by holding it.
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    Lol...I always tell parents...they act like we are doing the worst thing ever to them lol
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    Wow, imagine if you did a rectal temp (that's our P&P in outpatient)!!
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    Ohhhh, they HATE that!!! And who wouldn't? But you stick a thermometer under a baby's arm and they think it's the end of the world....they don't know how it was in the 'old days'.
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    Whatever they're made of, they must be manufactured in the same plant as bulb syringes!!!
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    I can't explain the little girls' problem. For the little boys, just reassure them that it is NOT another circumcision.
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    It seems like the thermometers we use take an hour to register a temp. I was just laughing at my 600g 3 week old 24 weeker tonight...she was raising heck, twisting her shoulder, grabbing her ETT and HFJV tubing, and doing that precious, sweet, d'aww pretty preemie with an ETT cry-face.
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    Older babies and kids have the same problem! They never grow out of it, and I can't explain it, either. From babies that are a few months old all the way up to two year olds, they all put up a fuss when it's temperature time!
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