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Thermometers, I mean. These babies act like you're setting them on fire when you put the thermometer in the axillary pocket. I've decided that, from now on, I'd I need to stimulate a baby during a... Read More

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    I actually got written up once for the way a 3 year old acted when I took an axillary temp with a "temp-a dot". The mother was having a heenie and I was trying to lighten the mood and said "It's a good thing we aren't doing this the old-fashioned way". She told my manager that I said to the kid "If you don't stop it I'm going to shove this up your a$$". Yeah right...that's exactly what I said 'cause that's how I roll.
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    So true! I can sometimes get away with starting an IV or doing blood draws without the baby ever waking up, but they pitch a fit when it's time for their temperature!
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    I love this! You would think with all of the advanced medial technology we work with, somebody would have thought up a faster thermometer. The other night we admitted a baby who was a bit lethargic and hadn't really cried much since coming to us, but you would never have known it once temperature time came! You know you're coordinated when you can hold the thermometer in place, keep the paci in the baby's mouth, and keep him from tearing at his IV/PICC/feeding tube/ whatever else he shouldn't have his little hand around.
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    So many fabulous tricks to learn! Grow a third arm and make sure it has two hands on the end of it!
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    I always dread the first time parents watch the temp getting taken, and the look of "how could you" from them.... goes away pretty quickly once I teach them how to do it themselves Although I have to say.... I wouldn't be a big fan of something that big (in comparison to their size) being shoved under my arm, I'm way to ticklish!
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    I think the babies object because they don't like having their arm held down where they can't move it if they want to. It may scare them a bit. If my baby fussed when his temp was taken, I didn't start until I'd gently touched him, so he was not startled. I would try to take a temp. while offering the baby a pacifier, soothing him by "cupping" my hand at the back of his head, or stroking it, if that's what he likes. It is great when they're in their "Snuggleups"-I make sure that they are tucked in & flexed before I do a temp.
    And sometimes nothing works and the baby squirms around until you're done. Thank God we don't use the glass & mercury thermometers anymore!
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    Yeah, I always do it and 'apologize' up one side and down the other...."Oh honey, I'm so sorry for touching your armpit. I know that's so terrible for you." And if it's a cool family, go on about how life is already cruel, getting your armpit bothered even before you have to pay taxes or have a dumb boyfriend.
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    They always fight it...and then one morning they don't. And that, is just not a good sign!
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    I teach my students and orientees, blood pressure before temperature. They question me, and I tell them, you'll see...they get the temp and totally get it.
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