I got an extern job in the NICU!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just found out that this summer I will be a nurse extern in a level III NICU at an amazing hospital that I hope to spend my career in! During my interview I told them how much I loved my NICU rotations in school and how I wanted to spend my career in this highly specialized unit. Luckily, they picked me for NICU! I am very very excited!

    I'm hoping to get hired as a GN in the NICU at this hospital so I need to make a really great impression. I don't start until summer but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me... books to read? things to bring with me? words of advice?

    Thank you! I'm so excited to begin my NICU journey! :heartbeat
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  3. by   Bortaz, RN
    Congratulations. Don't drop the baby.
  4. by   NICU Kristen
    lol thanks
  5. by   simplyblessed
    Congratulations!! I was under the impression that an externship is considered an internship of sorts, so my assumption is that you would be hired as a GN after its over? I'm not even a nursing student yet, so I could be wrong on that. But that is my dream job and I can't wait to be typing those very same words in the next two and a half years!!
  6. by   celyseRNBSN
    Congrats! How exciting! I know there is a lot of negativism out there because the job market is so tough, but don't give up on your NICU dream!! You are taking steps in the right direction to get hired as a new grad. Best of luck in your externship!
  7. by   NICU Kristen
    This is a summer job for nursing students that is paid. If they like me and there is an opening they may hire me when I graduate!

    I'm hopeful!! :heartbeat
  8. by   TiffyRN
    Quote from NICU Kristen
    This is a summer job for nursing students that is paid. If they like me and there is an opening they may hire me when I graduate!

    I'm hopeful!! :heartbeat
    This is the best way to get in.
  9. by   obprof
    Best of luck to you! I just got hired two months ago in the NICU. I am an old L&D, mother/baby nurse who wanted to try NICU and I love it! Our manager just hired two new nurses who did externships, so I think that helps a lot in getting a job in NICU~
  10. by   NICU Kristen
    I will be this units first ever extern. They have never allowed externs in the NICU before at this hospital! It's a lot of pressure but I am hoping I can convince them to hire me when I graduate in December!
  11. by   Twinmom06
    good luck!! I hope to follow in your footsteps next May!
  12. by   Nurse4445
    I am a student nurse who is interviewing for a NICU position as well for an externship. Do you have any advice for the interview/ what did you say when they asked you why you wanted to working in the NICU?
    Thanks so much!
  13. by   pfalls
    How exciting--good luck! I picked NICU as my first choice for my preceptorship in my last semester of school and we should soon find out if we got our first choice. I hope I did because the unit at the hospital I chose does hire new grads, but preference is given to those who precepted there so I am dying to find out if I got in!! I owuld start next month--I would think of it as a working interview and hope to reinforce the contacts I have already made there while shadowing. Congrats and good luck!
  14. by   BeJuled
    Kristen how do you apply for a nurse extern job? Do they post them or do you just need to contact the manager? I am in RN school now and am really hoping to get my foot in the door this summer with a job in a hospital and will pretty much take whatever I can get!