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  1. simplyblessed

    Shady Grove Adventist Nurse Residency Feb 2016

    I spoke to the recruiter and she stated that due to the holiday some managers will start calling back next week. Hopefully we'll hear something soon, best of luck!
  2. Just wanted to know if anyone else applied to the February new grad cohort? If so have you heard back from them yet?
  3. simplyblessed

    How long does it take to receive a license number?

    My original application was Sep 14. I needed a license number for an interview today. I called yesterday morning as was told they couldn't email the "committee" until after the 14 of this month. So I drove (1.5 hrs)to the board itself. They gave me my number and I had it in time for my interview today. If it is feasible, and everything is checked off except committee approval, my suggestion is to drive up to Newark.
  4. simplyblessed

    Virtua Hospital

    I did a search on those personality assessments and read that you are to either pick one extreme or the other as being in the middle counts against you. I have employed that and it's worked so far. However, I don't know if that is the correct way to take them or not. But google them and see what tips you can find.
  5. simplyblessed

    Inspira Vineland

    Does anyone know what RN-Maternal focus means at Inspira? I was unsure if it's Mother Baby, L& D, or both?
  6. simplyblessed

    Virtua Hospital

    What is a medication assessment or one of those personality assessment tests?
  7. simplyblessed

    Christiana NICU Interniship

    I know this is late but I know they only hired two out of nearly four hundred. One a recent new grad with no healthcare experience, so I guess experience isn't as high on their priority list as I assumed it would be. But she is the sweetest person and she loves the program a lot. I pray I can find something like that after graduation!
  8. simplyblessed

    Frederick Memorial Hospital Orientation

    Congratulations Mike! I'm still a student, but I've heard really good things about FMH and pray that I'll be typing something similar to you in the future. Glad to hear they are still hiring new grads. Best of luck! Sorry I wasn't much help.
  9. simplyblessed

    Aria Health School of Nursing January 2013

    From what I've heard from upperclassmen N110 is harder than N111 because fundamentals covers so much information! When I initially looked up the schedule I wanted to work it out so that I wouldn't have a Penn State rotation, but now I'm kind of glad I will have one as it gives you a bit of mental break.
  10. simplyblessed

    Aria Health School of Nursing January 2013

    Congrats on getting in ladies! I'm halfway through my first semester and love it. I'm exhausted because it's a lot of info initially, but I really enjoy it and truly feel it's a great program. Best of luck!
  11. simplyblessed

    Aria School of Nursing September 2012

    @ Ayanna, I'm just now seeing this so you probably already know, but we don't have lab Thursday.
  12. simplyblessed

    Aria School of Nursing September 2012

    @ Bumblebee, Do you have an idea of what exactly is the difference between our class and the way the BSN program works for you? I'm still a little bit confused because at orientation Randy said that right now it's included in the tuition, but it may not always be. Does that mean you guys pay a separate fee for the BSN classes even though they are going to be at the Aria campus and that (for the moment at least) we do not? And if that's the case I wonder if by the time we get to be seniors will the cost then go up?
  13. simplyblessed

    Aria School of Nursing September 2012

    Hi Hstolarz, Bumblebee is right. There is no way of knowing if your admission is based on your score or on other factors. While a 69 isn't what you wanted, it doesn't cancel you out either! Best of luck to you!
  14. simplyblessed

    Aria School of Nursing September 2012

    ----> Overwhelmed too! The amount of info they crammed into one week was But I'm so happy to have finally seen you all! Ashley I hope you had a great day at clinicals!! Bumblebee, thanks so much for your guidance through this whole process. I was glad to see you too, even though it was brief lol...I glanced back when you asked the question so I saw you, but with so much going on don't remember what you look like lol! Are you going straight for you BSN now or still taking a mini break?