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A thread in the Ob/Gyn nursing forum got me thinking about this. Family centered maternity care (FCMC) is a buzzword that's no doubt quite familiar to many in maternal/child nursing circles. In my almost-eight years as a nurse -... Read More

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    Quote from LJMoats
    Citi-Kat congratulations on your upcoming adventure! It seems you have great resources in place, get the most of them while you can! If possible stay for the second day, you never know what may come up and the questions you will have. Being a first time mom it my help you feel a little better about having someone around, just in case!
    Thanks LJMoats It's definitely going to be an adventure! Some other friends told me it's a good idea to stay the second night, regardless. My mom will be here with me for three weeks, but she may arrive after I've already given birth. So, I do think I am going to stay that additional night. I cannot have too much help and I KNOW I will be FULL of questions!!

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    and as excitedas you are,,,GET REST WHEN YOU CAN
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