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I know there is a age limit on biodiscs, but our ID team is talking about using them on piccs and umbilical lines. Just wondering if anyone has started this yet? We use the biodiscs on our older... Read More

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    Quote from NurseDawg06
    I'm pretty sure she means visualize the insertion site for infection purposes....reddness, oozing...etc....
    I'm not sure who's post you're trying to clarify... but if it was mine, no, I meant infiltration.

    I guess my first question was too abstract... let me clarify...
    Originally Posted by Justine_
    That's more relevant to Piv's, isn't it? The catheter in the PICC goes all the way to the heart.
    Why is assessing the insertion site more relevant to PIVs than PICCs?
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    We use them on all PICCs and central lines on infants greater than 28 weeks and 7 days old. No use on PIVs. We do call them Biopatches though. The combo of adding them to our dressing change policy and making a dressing change bundle kit has resulted in no central line infections in almost two years. It was a hard education change at first for some people and we even had many placing the blue side down to the skin instead of up but now it is just second nature. Our policies have been rewritten to include their use and we have found them to be quite beneficial on our unit.
  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    I've never seen anything used on umbilical lines..come to think of it, I don't THINK we use them on CVLs on older kids, either. Our line team does all the dressing changes on central lines and we have a ridiculously low infection rate since starting that.
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    a biodisc is a small round foam disc that is impregnated with chlorhexidine on one side. you place the chorhexidine site directly over the catheter insertion site when you are doing dressing changes. it diminishes the incidence of bloodstream infections caused by long-term catheter placement.
    here is a link to the johnson & johnson site that describes the disc:

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    i was trying to look at the j&j link you gave and could not find the info on the biodiscs. what is the product called? am interested in getting more info for our unit.
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    Quote from 5dogmom
    I was trying to look at the J&J link you gave and could not find the info on the biodiscs. What is the product called? Am interested in getting more info for our unit.
    I tried to click on the link I sent you, and had trouble getting any information there, too. I googled several sites, using difffernt terms, trying to find more information about this dressing. I found that if you type in
    Johnson & Johnson BioPatch Antimicrobial will be able to pull up multiple sites that tell you about this dressing. Note that J & J refers to their dressing as a BioPatch, not a BioDisc.
    I hope this helps.
  6. by   RN4Little1s
    We use them on infants >1000gms on PICC insertion sites. We don't use them on umbilical lines... never thought of that.