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  1. by   Lilah77
    Heya everyone I'm officially a new RN who just moved to NYC!!
  2. by   luckyluck
    Anyone going to the RN program at NCCC in Sanborn this Fall 2008?
  3. by   debrncddn
    Hello all from Sullivan County. Are there any Developmental Disabilities nurse out there?
  4. by   akanini
    Well I'm a newly graduated LPN and I've lived in Brooklyn all my life. I am so addicted to this site. I hope to learn from all of you experienced nurses!
  5. by   stillinschool
    i'm in nurs 1 at NCCC in sanborn this fall too
  6. by   Monica_Z
    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this site and new to nursing. Got my license and looking for a job in New York area. I am v.surprised to find out that despite the nursing shortage- It is very difficult for a new grad- to find a job in NY these days. I've being looking for 2 months already and cannot find anything as Rn. I'm thinking to look as a LPN - if no other choice.
    Anyone - any idea-what's going on?
    How to start if no experience, how to get experience if nobody likes new grads? Vicious circle!Smilies
  7. by   xos4eva
    Hey all...... I'm looking to make new friends I'm 26 yr old female RN living and working in Brooklyn. N e one interested please feel free to pm me or send a message to RN4LYFENY on aol instant messenger.

    In response to MonicaZ, there are jobs you just have to be persistent, there is a job fair 9/11/08 and there are several facilities actively hiring. If you want send me a message on aol or on here and we can chat a bit more. I have been a nurse for 5 years, have worked in various places and have done travel nursing as well. Currently I'm working in a pediatric emergency room.
  8. by   Monica_Z
    Hi XOS4EVZ,

    Thank you for answering me!
    I am new to nursing field as I mentioned before, have no clue how to look for a job- other than just go to the hospital with my resume.

    I would love to send you a message into your private message box(If any on this site) but I do not know yet how to navigate and find it.
    I have no idea - about "aol" message. Perhaps- your private email.
    I'll look into this to find my way- to navigate and be able to send a private message.
    However, I'm from Brooklyn too, and I would love to know those facilities mentioned as hiring nurses.

  9. by   xos4eva
    A friend of mine recently was hired at New York Methodist Hospital. I know that Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has a rolling application process, Kings County which is a part of HHC (health and hospital corporation) a city facility is hiring, Lutheran Hospital, and Brookdale hospital.
    You dont necessarily have to go down there to the hospital. Try and find the recuiter information on their websites and call and speak to the recuiter, if they tell you there are no available positions, then you can focus elsewhere.
  10. by   Married729
    Hello nurses. Can anyone tell me if it is difficult to get into a NYC hospital even if you are a RN with a BSN. I am having a horrible experience trying to reach someone and get a position within the hospitals....considering such a "nursing shortage".
    -Thank you
  11. by   SueNYC
    Since I never formally introduced...

    Im a new grad RN, previously LPN, 28 y/o F in Brooklyn !! lol I feel like im putting out a personal ad...
    But I just wanted to say Hello to everyone !!

    To Monica: Dont give up... You worked hard for that RN and there will be a hospital that will hire you. Right now theres just a large pool of applicants because of recent graduations. You dont need to physically go to every hospital to apply. Almost every hospital has a website where you can view there job openings or at least get their recruiter's information so you can send your resume. HHC's are a good choice even if just to get your foot in the door. My friend was just hired at Woodhull and I have my first interview at Coney Island tomorrow.

    To XOS: Hey fellow brooklyn girl!
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  12. by   xos4eva
    hey girl im me or something we can hang. :-) Im always looking for new friends
  13. by   twinmommaRN08
    Hey fellow NY nurses!

    New nurse here from Queens. I just passed the NCLEX-RN less than a week ago and I'm starting the process of looking for a J.O.B. I must admit, I am a little nervous because I've read how hard it is for new grads to find work in NY and I have absolutely no hospital experience and no "hook-ups". I really don't even know where to begin.

    Maybe someone can help. If I wanted to send my resume directly to a nurse recruiter in an e-mail, should my cover letter be the body of the e-mail and the resume be sent as an attachment? How does that work? Do you all write separate cover letters for each hospital that you apply to? Please get back to me and tell me what has worked for you.

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