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    So I've almost finished all of my pre-req courses to get into the program to find out Hostos' A.A.S. (RN) program is not accredited by the NLN. They are only accredited by the state who will allow you to sit for your state board for licensure, but the moment you think about heading over to a BSN program, fagettaboutit! Many of the Program directors have no clue about this lack of accreditation, and will send you to speak to someone in general admissions who will say it's better if you speak to the nursing dept. If you call CUNY headquarters you will sit on the phone while they sift for the correct answer which is YES, we are accredited... in the state of NY, that's all that matters... NOT, they didn't even know that there was a national accreditation that was lacking from only one of there 2 year programs, SMH!!! For the last week I've been running around trying to find out a definitive answer to weather or not it really matters if your A.A.S. really needs NLN accreditation, and that is a BIG,HUGE YES, after looking through BSN pre-reqs for other CUNY/SUNY schools. For some its written that you will need a RN license as well as a degree from a NLN accredited school! Do yourself a favor and BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY DO NOT ATTEND HOSTOS IF YOU WANT TO GET WORK AS AN RN IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!! one good thing I will say is that I really did enjoy my first 2 semesters here. The pre-req education was great and it's set me up with a high GPA so transfering to LaGuardia or BCC where there GPA is much lower should be a cakewalk. Good Luck! You have been warned!

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    Im not by any means necessary an advocate for hostos. However, in my school (Lehman College) I have seen students apply to their RN to BSN program and get in. Just something you should consider and potentially inquire about.

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