University of Rochester ABPNN Fall 2012

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    Hello Everybody:
    I decided to make this new thread for the students that are applying to the ABPNN (University of Rochester) for the fall 2012. I have been reading other posts from previous cohorts, but havenít found anyone for the fall 2012 cohort. I sent my application a few days ago, so now Iím in the WAITING process. Does anyone know how long is going to take them to have the final results? Any comments will be appreciated and will help us to stay on top of the GAME!! Good luck to all of you!!

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    Moved to NY Nursing Programs for better response.
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    no one is applying????
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    Hi there! I just sent my application in last night (11th hour!). I'm originally from Rochester, NY however I now in live Atlanta with my fiance.

    I have no idea how long it takes to hear back? I'm contemplating calling next week to see how many people applied and how/when we will be contacted if we are offered an interview.

    VHFmia, are you from the Rochester area? When did you graduate from undergrad? Major? I'm definitely concerned with how competitive the program is so thank you for starting this blog!
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    Thank you so much for forming part of this thread!!! I am from Miami, Fl. I will have my Bachelor in Biology by the end of this summer and Im finishing this semester my last two Pre-req. Im also considering to call in one or two weeks.

    I think that the program has become pretty competitive, from old post it seems like the interview was given to all the applicants, now its not, maybe because the number of people applying has increased!

    However I've seen people posts that have been accepted with really high GPA and average GPA. I think it all depends how well you sell yourself!!!!

    What about you? are you done with your academic material? or still have some courses in progress?
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    Sorry for the delay! Yes, I'm all finished (woo-hoo)! I graduated with a fine arts/art history degree in 2003 so I had to go back for a post-bac last year.

    How did you come across UR from Miami? That'll be a big cultural/climate change! Where else are you applying?

    I'm very surprised that nobody else has joined this thread. Perhaps we have a better shot of getting in than we thought! HA.
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    Hello there,
    I came past this thread and thought I'd also leave a comment. I too am applying for the fall 2012 cohort. It's only been a little under two weeks since I submitted my application and I'm already checking my e-mail every second for hope of news. Where else are you guys applying?

    About Me: I just graduated from Skidmore College last may with a BS in Excerise Science. I live near Cincinnati.. and I'm currently working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
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    Have you guys heard of anything yet?
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    Nothing on my end...
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    Hey guys glad I came across this thread, I'm applying for Fall 2012 and am currently finishing up my degree from UC San Diego. Has anyone heard anything yet or know around when we'll hear back?

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