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Is anyone in here trying to get into the Molloy BSN program in fall 2013.I am so stressed about this deadelines I sent my application and transcript two days ago now I am just waiting to see what they will say..My question is... Read More

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    bringing up an old thread... but i couldn't find any info on the entrance exams....

    do all nursing students need to take both exams? i heard some people didn't... but maybe they changed the policy?

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    Everyone takes them. At least that is from when I first applied in July 2011. Things may have changed since then. Everything you need to know is on their website.
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    Thanks for your response! I took the Math Screening recently.. and surprisingly it was not that bad.

    I found out Molloy takes SAT scores and thankfully, I still had them from years ago... so no Nelson Denny. whoot!
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    So I originally applied to the Dual Degree program... but I decided to focus on getting my BSN first and then apply elsewhere for my MSN... so I changed to traditional transfer BSN

    But now I keep thinking.... will it take longer to get my BSN at Molloy? It says that DDP students can finish in 2.5 years without pre-reqs. But I realize BSN students have to take 1 extra class (DDP combines 2 classes into 1), making it 3 years to complete. Is this true?

    For those who went for the traditional route, how long did it take?
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    I'll put it to you this way: I went into as a transfer student (already have my bachelors) into the regular Undergrad program (not dual degree). Just like the dual degree students, I didn't have to take any gen ed requirements because they were already transferred over. For Dual degree students it will take 3 years. For me (regular undergraduate program) it will take 3 years ONLY because I took summer courses this summer and will be taking summer courses again next year. Dual degree students don't have to take summer courses because the courses are combined during fall & spring semesters. If I wasn't able to take summer courses it would take me 4 years instead of 3. "2.5 years without pre-reqs" is a complete lie. I was told the same thing, and when I actually sat down and went over which courses I needed to take, I realized it will take 3 years and that was with taking FULL TIME COURSES over both summers in a row! Even dual degree will take 3 years MINIMUM without pre-reqs. Don't get tricked by thinking you'll be done in 2.5 years. Molloy only lets you take very few nursing courses at once.
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    Thanks so much for letting me know. Your response is extremely helpful. I was studying the sample course progression on the website and, yeah, something didn't make sense...

    Do you know their policy of traditional BSNs changing to Dual Degree once in the program? Has anyone done this in your year/cohort?
    Also - how were the summer classes? Did you take them full time? I concerned about the short time frame and heavy work load.
    How do you like the program aside from the time it takes to complete it?

    Thank you again!
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    Hey was your overall gpa for molloy and was there and entrance exam?
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    As far as going from BSN to Dual Degree, you just have to talk to an advisor and they will give you an interview and take it from there. One of my classmates I took a summer class with over the summer did this. Summer classes were full time (I took pharm 1, patho, and fundamentals (the first clinical class) )...... this is a very large course load. I did this while working 2 days a week at a hospital. 2 days of working a week may not seem like much, but it is WAY too much while taking summer classes. It was an insane amount of information spaced out over 2 months. I got through it though and I am sure you will.... you just have to realize you will have almost no free time. Taking summer classes is definitely worth it though to shave 1 semester off school.

    I like the nursing program overall. Some of the advisors are nasty miserable human beings but thankfully I don't have to deal with them anymore since I basically know the gist of the program at this point. I love almost every professor I have had thus far. Some of the Nursing professors at Molloy are extremely intelligent, more so than some doctors out there! They are willing to help you but just watch out for some of them. Use when you register for classes.

    Overall even though the school is very expensive.... it is one of the best nursing schools on Long Island and I feel as though I've learned so much in the past two years: it amazes me!

    Good luck.
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    My GPA was 3.3 when I applied. As far as an "entrance exam" there is a 20 question math test as I said earlier and a reading/vocab test.
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    what is the math exam like? I wish Molloy had more info on their site/an info session (as far as I can tell, they don't have nursing sessions, maybe I'm wrong?). Also, what is the admissions process like (I'd be applying to the generic BSN program, not the dual/second degree)? Do I just apply to Molloy as a transfer student and choose "nursing" as my major? Also, how long is the program? I see 3 years mentioned above, is that even with the gen eds and science courses done? Thanks for the help!

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