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SW Boces Entrance Exam

  1. 0 Hi everyone!! I applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday. I am looking for anyone who has attended or has recently been accepted to the school. Or even anyone who knows anything about the test and scores needed in order to get accepted. I'm getting very nervous about the exam and any advice would be appreciated. I am curious to know how students are accepted - what scores are they looking for? Thank you!
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    I applied and tested and got accepted at the Broome BOCES, Im not going there, but in any event, I think all BOCES use the TABE test, as a general test for entrance. You can find sample ones online to practice off of. I only got 1 wrong, so I am not sure what the cut-off point is. But your best bet would be to STUDY and PRACTICE!!! Good Luck!!!
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    I am applying to SW Boces. I took the TEAS test for another school back in October (CT BOCES). I found out Monday that the last test they would have was that Saturday (for Jan classes). So I took the test and scored a 74. It was very easy except science. So when I applied to BOCES she call me and said I could take it again. Otherwise I would be put on the delayed acceptance list? So I offered to take it again in June hoping to study and boost my scores. Problem is there is SOOO much science that is covered and only 30 questions. I guess it's a matter of luck. Let me know how you do!! Are you doing the day program in Sept? How are you studying? I have the TEAS study guide and might order a online test for more practice
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    BTW 74 is delayed acceptance; 78 for early acceptance. What the difference is I don't know? When I called the secretary she wouldn't give me the scores either. $100 fee is a lot to pay if you don't get in but I took the chance because she said most people don't even pass. Good Luck!!!
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    Sorry I am applying PNW Boces
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    I am aware that PNW boces uses the TEAS test which includes the science portion while SW boces uses a test called the C-Net, which does not include any science. I just was curious to know what scores are needed on the c-net in order to get accepted to the program.

    I would be doing the day program starting in September. I bought a book from BN called Nursing Entrance Exams and it includes information from most nursing entrance exams including the teas, c-net, net, and a couple others.
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    If I recall scores need to be pretty high at SW Boces....you gotta remember a lot of people will be taking the same test, so they will be looking at the high scorers first. It's basic math, reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation. You can even study from a GED book. I wish you the best!

    BTW not all the Boces use the same entrance exams.

    If anyone is accepted into the PNW Boces, make sure you get into their FT program, not the Part time day program. I hear there's a lot of problems with the way the part time class is ran (lack of instructors).
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    Hi, I was wondering how the exm went? I am scheduled next thursday and am very nervous. Help...Any suggestions..thanks
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    The exam wasn't difficult at all. Just make sure to study your vocab (antonyms, synonyms) and math (fractions, percentages, ratios). I got the study guide from C-net and it was the exact format of the test so it really helped. I walked out of the test feeling very confident that I did well. We need to score about the 50th percentile in order to get called for an interview. Good luck to you!
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    THANK YOU, so much. Like stated very nervous. Do You know by when there to notify you of your score and so on? Keep me posted as I will with you. Good Luck to you.
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    I was SO nervous, too.. Trust me! I had no other choice but to go into the test feeling confident telling myself that I'll pass! The night before, I stayed up until it was time to leave to take the test; I was studying the entire night. One only issue that I experienced with the test was the time for the math portion. Its 50 questions and they give you an hour. If you find yourself stuck on a problem, don't spend time trying to figure out. Skip it and do the easy questions first and then go back to the ones you skipped.

    They said they will mail us our test scores and we will receive them in two weeks. They also said that if they happen to call us in for an interview BEFORE we receive our test scores in the mail, that means they received the scores first.. and that we scored above the 50th percentile. Scoring above the 50th percentile means that you did better than 50 percent of the national norms group. The national norms group consists of 3,408 students that were in an LPN program and were given the C-Net test to see how they scored. Our scores will be compared to their scores. If we do better than 50 percent of those students, then we will get called in for an interview. This is something you will hear on test day from whoever is proctoring your test.

    Are you planning on doing the day program or evening program? Do you live around the area? Again, good luck! I'm so happy that I finally found someone else who applied!
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    No I will be commuting. I applied for full time day program. And You? I've been studying like crazy. I feel like once I master one thing, I forget the other. It's been years since I've been in school. I got the basics. But I feel like basics wont cut it. Your so reassuring me. I'll keep you posted..Thanks a milion...
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    I'll also be doing the FT day program and also commuting. I'll definitely keep you posted on every little piece of information that I find out... you do the same! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on your test day