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Hi All! I wanted to start this thread to create some conversation about our application to SUNY Downstate's ABSN program beginning Summer 2013. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the program and I would like us all to... Read More

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    Bear and Heid,

    I am positive!! Why would they want a deposit and background check from an alternate?
    Expect your manila envelope with health and acceptance forms tomorrow or Friday in the mail.

    Make sure to get all forms back to Downstate promptly.
    Last year a lucky person got a slot a few days before the semester began because someone did not complete their health forms.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you at registration day on Monday, June 3.

    Brooklyn gal...........

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    yay!! good luck to you all!!
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    Arghhhh! All I got was the health checklist. ill just try and stay positive!!! Congrats to the rest of you!
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    That probably means that you were wait listed.

    If you are currently taking an (extra) course or doing any other activity that might help you out, let the admissions office know.
    A good amount of people last year got off the wait list.

    best of luck,

    Brooklyn gal..............
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    Thanks Brooklyn2012!
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    Has anyone received mail from Downstate?
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    Not yet
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    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail!
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    Quote from Bear0512
    Just got my acceptance letter in the mail!
    Awesome! Where in NY do you live? I check the mail as if the mailman is going to come 3 or 4 times a day, im so anxious!
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    I received my acceptance package in the mail today as well.
    I am going to send in forms quickly.

    Brooklyn gal.......

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