Stony Brook U ABSN - Summer 2010 Applicants

  1. Anyone else applying to the accelerated BSN?? Deadline is November 1st ... YIKES! ... ... need moral support !!
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  3. by   HopefulABSN10
    I am!! I submitted my application a few days ago...worked on it over the summer to get it out of the way while taking pre-reqs. I'm so excited/nervous to hear back!
  4. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from sera1987
    I am!! I submitted my application a few days ago...worked on it over the summer to get it out of the way while taking pre-reqs. I'm so excited/nervous to hear back!
    Yay, someone else! Good luck to you! Sera1987, do you know if applicants have an advantage if they submit their application early as you did as opposed to closer to the deadline? I am inclined to say it does not make a difference but not sure. I don't believe they have rolling admissions, which would then make early application more advantageous. I have not been able to reach anyone @ the college to find out. Maybe someone else can answer this question on here? I still need to work on my personal statement this weekend. My transcripts are already a go and lining up the last of my recommendations this week.

    Do you know when decisions are made for next summer?
  5. by   HopefulABSN10
    No. When you send in your application should not make a difference. The only time when you send in an application that the timing might impact your acceptance is in rolling admissions and Stony Brook is not rolling. I don't think they even begin reviewing all the applications until after November 1st when they received them all. The only reason I sent mine in so early is because I want to focus on my prerequisites this fall. I still have to forward my transcripts and make sure my professors/supervisors send in their letters of reference for me. As of when you hear back, I heard that for the accelerated program we should be hearing sometime in the middle of december-january. Christmas can go either way this year! Keeping my fingers crossed and good luck to you!
  6. by   nrz2bee
    I am applying too I am stressed trying to get everything in. I graduated from sbu in health science. I got most of my recommendations in and filled out my application but havent submitted. I am still doing things like cna training and volunteer hrs so i am going to submit it about mid october to make sure everything is done. I hope we all get in. . I want this so bad i will be so sad if I dont get in. Good luck to you all.
  7. by   ruaalien2
    Good luck! I want to apply but I can't because I'm just in the middle of my pre-reqs now! I might apply to the regular program I haven't decided yet.
  8. by   PacoUSA
    I just submitted my application a few hours ago, I am quite relieved! One of my recommenders just sat on that request for weeks! But I did not want to wait until the last minute so I gave myself a few days leeway before the deadline. Now the wait begins!

    Deadline is actually Monday 11/2 ... still time!
  9. by   PacoUSA
    Good luck to all applicants! Hopefully we will hear something by January. Would be nice to preplan ...
  10. by   PacoUSA
    Admissions office told me that decisions will be made within 6-8 weeks of application deadline. So I guess by New Year's ... that's good.

    Hey, am I the only one on this thread???

  11. by   KK318
    Hi Paco!

    You are not on here alone. I also applied for the July 2010 program. I guess we will know by New Years?
  12. by   Meredith09
    No, not alone! I applied to Stony Brook as well. Not sure if it's my top choice or not, but am certainly anxious to know whether I'm in or not.
  13. by   Mac00
    Do anyone know what kind of background they are looking for? Also, if there is a preference in students in science related undergrad degrees?
  14. by   xtine009
    Hi! I applied too! The only other school I applied to in NY was Columbia. I can't wait for either decision!!! I'm glad we can wait together...