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Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on... Read More

  1. by   SBHopeful
    Me too. I'm totally obsessed with solar. Finally I gave up and contacted hsc via email as to when we would hear from them. I was told decisions would come out mid-April. This wait is killing me!
    Does anyone know exactly what changes you will see on solar when accepted?
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  2. by   BioD1234
    I hear that your solar will say "new student" if you get accepted....ok so three more weeks of a wait, I guesse I just need to stop thinking about it! I'm really going crazy!! Good luck to everyone !
  3. by   SBHopeful
    Has anyone noticed the quick links tab on their solar page?
  4. by   Mindylane
    What do you mean?
  5. by   BioD1234
    Yes, what does that mean? It was never on there before
  6. by   SBHopeful
    If you hit main menu you will see the quick links tab. I just noticed it and was wondering if it meant anything. When I click on it student financial services, off campus housing, dining services etc show up.
  7. by   BioD1234
    I think I remember seeing that a while back now that I think about it
  8. by   nynurse1232b
    I'm pretty sure that means nothing. When I applied to Stony Brook right out of high school new tabs just kept showing up. If it doesn't have anything under new student that reads congrats on acceptance it really isn't going to help you. I think there were some tabs about setting up your accounts but that isn't going to change a acceptance/denial decision.
  9. by   Mindylane
    Oh, I always had that stuff, since I've already been an SBU student I guess.
  10. by   SBHopeful
    Lol I guess I'm kind of slow I just noticed the links.
  11. by   BioD1234
    So basically we should find out this week sometime right? By next week the latest?
  12. by   Mindylane
    I sure do hope so...
  13. by   BioD1234
    Yea me too..I'm actually getting nervous because a lot of ppl get denied