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Hey all! Just wanted to lend my support to anyone else who is applying to SB next summer! It's a grueling process :-)):yeah:... Read More

  1. by   anniet828
    I felt the same way...I did not get real fulfillment...I am anxious to get started in nursing!
  2. by   Joie_de_vivre
    Zee, i say you put plan to take. They will see that you have obviously taken that chem course and it will look good that you want to improve your grade in that course. Nothing wrong with doing it over.
  3. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from zee09
    Paco- Do you know of any people in your class who have got in while planning to still complete one pre-req? I'm debating whether I should submit my not so great chem grade and show that all my pre-reqs are completed or select "plan to take on my application." I know we probably went over this in last year's thread but it's soooo long to go through.
    Good to see you back Zee!

    There were quite a few of my classmates who were accepted with pending prereqs, that I remember from the Facebook group -- and many of them were able to submit final transcripts with these grades @ orientation (because I recall there being an announcement asking if anyone had these to hand in). It was usually one course, either micro or chem I think. Also, I would estimate about 1/3 of my class graduated with their BA/BS degrees about a month before the ABSN started. I don't believe being a recent grad is an advantage per se, considering the other 2/3 of the class have had their prior bachelor's degrees from 1 to 20+ years before starting the ABSN.

    I just now realized that the app deadline is past, so answering your "what to do" question is moot. What did you end up doing anyway? BTW, not all of my classmates have 4.0 in their prereqs (I know a couple of them got C's in micro and still got in, not naming names! - but safely assuming the rest of their grades were good) so - all of you - don't be obsessed over what is done with your grades. Hopefully, your recommendations and essays were enough to shine. Clearly, the essays and recommendations are given considerable weight in the admissions process! When I look at my class as a whole, it is a very driven group. Together with grades, what people said about them and what they said in their essays helped to get them a seat among the 64!

    Quote from anniet828
    Since I submitted my application only last week (but I handed in all of my transcripts a few weeks ago), I can not see my documents updated in I dropped off a set of unofficial transcripts today just in case...I need to see that it is all received...I am so nervous!
    Annie, that was a good idea (sounds like what I did last year if you remember my little last-minute story with one transcript). It prob was not necessary (as was my case) but it does not hurt! I do know they take a LONG time to update SOLAR, mine were updated about a week after the deadline. AND don't worry if you see a date received listed after the deadline -- mine were listed as received @ 11/9/10 and I got worried because I had requested these in Sept. -- obviously it ended up not being a problem!

    YES, I have LOTS of work to do (gosh, I even have a HESI exam tomorrow YIKES) ... but Tues are a day off for me so I had some time to procrastinate here. This week is CRAZY (so I heard it always is for the ABSNs for different reasons) ... so I may not be around to post again until next week. In the meantime, hang in there people!
  4. by   anniet828
    Thanks Paco! I just checked and it lists my initial B.S. unofficial, but nothing else yet...I guess they are going from the top of the pile, since I just gave them the unofficial Monday, and all of the official a few weeks ago...
    Really appreciate the updates about the just makes me want to get there more!
  5. by   chele118
    Question for Paco, does anyone in the ABSN program also work a part time job?
  6. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from chele118
    Question for Paco, does anyone in the ABSN program also work a part time job?
    Not that I am aware of! However, there is one person I know in my program that has remained "per diem" in their previous job and I know has worked many hours during significant breaks in the program (and there are not many, but I am referring to the week off between summer and fall semester, and perhaps some of the Jewish holidays which are early enough in the semester to get away with it). I also remember a member from the class of 2011 speaking to us @ orientation who said she worked part-time during the program, but she gave no details (she has since graduated and passed NCLEX, so clearly this did not deter her one bit).

    If anyone is truly working a part-time job in my program, they are doing a good job at keeping it under wraps. Working is not prohibited by the school, the word they use is "discouraged." If you can somehow snag a job @ the HSC library behind the circulation desk, that might be a good p/t job, because from what I have seen those students do nothing but surf Facebook and check out the occasional book for patrons, lol. None of them are nursing students tho. Then again, those jobs might be pure work-study, which is federal aid and something aside from Direct Loans we ABSNs sadly don't get.
  7. by   Dollface4k6
    Hello! Quick question for those of you that applied to both the ABSN and the basic bacc, do you have to submit your transcripts two times? I'm not sure if I need a set of transcripts for each program. Thanks =)
  8. by   Joie_de_vivre
    Dollface, yes unfortunately u do need to submit two sets of transcripts. They have stressed this matter in their info sessions. Paco, thank u for all the good insight. Annie, hoping and waiting togetherrrr!!! Xxooxox
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  9. by   Mindylane
    Good luck, everyone! I'm so nervous about getting in, but I do feel as if I probably won't, based on the caliber of the applicants. I've gotten B+s in all of my pre-reqs and only had a 3.5 GPA, so I just don't think that'll cut it. My personal statement & recommendations (as far as I know) are outstanding, I think, but I just don't think my grades will cut it, which is a shame. I guess maybe the only good thing is that I have some experience in healthcare (I work for a non-profit agency with developmentally disabled adults)... The waiting beginssssssss
  10. by   Joie_de_vivre
    Mindy, dont doubt yourself. Besides, grades are not the only part that they take into consideration. Besides, 3.5 is good!!!
  11. by   kimmieminnie
    Hello Peeps:

    My name is Kim and I applied to the ABSN as well. I was reading the threads and I was only able to get LORs from military folks as multiple times I tried to get my AP profs to do letters and they would never contact me back. And with constant travel I had to make a command decision as to what I was going to do.

    I did well as far as GPA (3.8) but nothing is a guarantee in these types of situations...its the total package and how they perceive you on paper. Just hope it works out cuz I am tied to the area with owning a house, having a special needs child and really cannot being hoping all over the place--so for me - my options are limited as to where I can go and what I can afford.

    SO yeah, to say the wait has begun--let my gray hair volume increase exponentially and the GI issues start-hallelujah!

  12. by   Joie_de_vivre
    Lol kim, goood luuuck !!
  13. by   chele118
    They say that you have to submit your transcripts again, but I didn't last year for the basic 2 year and they just moved them over from the ABSN. But, I guess better safe than sorry.