St Paul's School of Nursing Jan/Spring 2012? - page 7

Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

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    I got in! woohoo
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    thanks guys!
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    @Ashley your private message box is full
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    did you get the pre admission letter or final admission letter? Im still waiting on my final admissions letter, as I completed all steps.

    just a fyi for all prospective nurses out there looking to attend st pauls. both my parents went to this school and have landed great paying jobs so always be positive. yes , you will most likely have to earn a bachelors but places WILL hire you without one

    Im a candidate for fall 2012. Ive completed all requirements, medical, backround etc. Does anyone know when "official acceptance " letters go out?
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    I didn't get a letter, I got a phone call telling me I was accepted...I guess a letter will follow?
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    @ashley627 I got the phone call as well but no letter yet
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    are you going for fall 2012 day or evening clsses?
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    day classes

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