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Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   Southern_87
    My orientation was so exciting to day and we received a wealth of information. This upcoming semester should be exciting for all of us incoming freshman and the new campus in Rego Park. I am excited for all of us to begin!!!
  2. by   Ashley627
    did they give you any info on where clinicals will be?
  3. by   Southern_87
    @ashley627 the director named some clinical sites most of them are in Queens there is only one in long island and none are available in Manhattan. We don't have the choice to choose where we want to attend clinicals according to the director. You can only switch with a fellow classmate if it is approved. There will only be seven clinical rotations first semester forty-two hours in total. That is really all we spoke about with clinicals.
  4. by   Ashley627
    well that should be interesting, any info on uniforms? Do we have to buy thru the school? sorry for all the questions lol, my orientation is on Thursday
  5. by   Southern_87
    @ashley627 uniforms are $10 for the top and $10 for the white bottom uniform pants and I assuming we can buy multiple pairs but you definitely have to buy the top they were not that specific on the white bottoms having to be brought from the school. There is a $100 supply kit for skills and clinicals and numerous books but you will see that on the handouts that they will give you Thursday. Are you going be a day student I am.
  6. by   Ashley627
    oh okay that's pretty reasonable, I'll def be buying a couple of tops, I am a day student, I have class everyday but Tuesday ( I guess that's the A&P class) I wonder if all the day student have the same schedule, are you going to buy the parking garage package? it looks a little far from the school
  7. by   Southern_87
    I take mass transit and then the M train is right by where I live so it is a pretty straight shot. Yes most people that don't have A&P don't have class on that day
  8. by   nittany5018
    Im excited for orientation!! Mine is on thursday!

    Southern_87, what were the names of the clinical sites?
  9. by   Southern_87
    I just remember about three of them because I didn't write them down forest hills hospital, Woodhull medical center, Wycoff heights hospital, Lincoln, and Montifiore. One site in long island but inthink it is a nursing home.No clinical sites in Manhattan.There are several more but can't remember the rest off the top of my head. They choose our clinical sites for us there are no preferences given unless you want to switch sites with someone but tht has to be approved. We are only having seven clinical days as freshman a total of 42hrs and as we progress through the semesters we receive more.
  10. by   Southern_87
    Sorry I know that is more than three some more came to me as I was typing.
  11. by   nittany5018
    Oh ok, thanks!!!
  12. by   nike33
    Hmm,interesting. Queens hospital is a clinical site also,when we started. Flushing hospital is also a choice though that comes later in program. Yeah the director does say we have no choice but what she means to say is that there is no guarantee of site and there are a limited amounts of hospitals that they will have a contract with.Sometimes there is a rare chance that they dont have a clinical intructor or the deal falls through with a hospital.In our nursing fundamentals class we had the choice of where we wanted to go. The earlier you sign up the more chance you get to have your choice.During the end of our semester they added some hospitals for the next term.I don't remember which ones because i was so set on going to Forest Hills again.It's one of the better hospitals for clinical. I just wanted to say is that the first semester is fairly easy. There really is no reason for you not to get all A's. Don't get caught up with the drama.So aim for that.All the best.
  13. by   Southern_87
    yeah she named those as well @nike33 thanks for listing some more clinical sites in Queens and given more information. Wow so forest hills hospital is good that is great to know.