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Hello everyone. I have been an ER nurse for the past 7 years and soon I will be interviewing for an ER position at St Barnabas in the Bronx. Do any of you work there? If so, can you shed some light... Read More

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    Can anyone tell me what starting salary for a new nurse is at St. Barnabas? Do they offer tuition reimbursement?

    Thank you!
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    Hi, i recently interviewed at St Barnabus and awaiting a phone call from HR to schedule the pharmacology exam. Anyone here taken th exam and possibly have a study guide or an idea of what to review? During my interview i was told there were a few good candidates for the position however they all failed the exam. I really would love to get this position and just want an idea of what to study. I have been an LPN for 1 year and have only worked in the Nursing Home setting. Very excited about this hospital opportunity. Private message if you prefer. Thanks
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    Hi does anyone know what the pay would be with two years or three years experience? Are they union? Are their benefits good? What can I study for the pharm exam? Thanks!
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    I too will be taking test for LPN there I was told no calculators and there is not study guide, can anyone recently tested there for LPN position, they told me to study for the pharm exam but do not know what to expect. PLEASE HELP....
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    cadubo, how did you apply? Their website doesn't look like it's been updated in a while and they haven't posted any new openings..
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    there are jobs just not posted, I have invitation to test only, no interview yet. Try to leave resume at the receptionist desk in HR
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    Thanks! Do you have experience?
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    As per my knowledge, hospitals in NYC do not allow people to apply by walking in to HR. Back when I was a new grad with no job in early 2012 and from what I hear from people now, in NYC or any large popular city if you walk into HR with resume, they will just tell you to apply online. They may take your resume but they just throw it on a pile of papers likely to be lost in the shuffle. Try e-mailing the their names and figure out their emails if possible.

    Also the previous poster is applying for LPN and not RN. The med test would be different for LPN, based on their scope of practice. Also LPN may have more luck in jobs (though i have also heard of "LPNs being phased out"...I don't know if this is true but I have seen a thread on allnurses on the topic) as LPNs are more looked for by hospitals in their outpatient departments. Again, hospitals trying to save money.
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    I emailed them an application (like it says on their website) but of course got no response. Wish they would have given me a chance though since it's only a 10-minute walk away.
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    it sucks...but once the HR sees new grad resumes they have no interest. If an experienced RN walks in with a resume they would most likely pass it on to the manager as opposed to having resume thrown on a pile and HR staff saying "apply online only". Have you tried the agency though? Lpark, if i remember correctly you have done BSN in another country. That could be holding you back esp if you have no experience. I think the agency i mentioned to you in PM can help you find something.
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    The testing was done (was very nervous but managed to pass cut off is 80) and calculator was allowed. Awaiting for an interview. Luckily for me juts pass NCLEX and the info still is fresh. So lets see.
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    Good news got the job start tomorrow...yay
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