Pace University Lienhard School of Nursing CDP BSN/MSN Fall 2009 - NYC

  1. Hi! I just wanted to know if anyone else got into the combined degree program (BSN/MSN) at Pace in NYC for Fall 2009. Is anyone currently attending and have advice for future students? I got accepted into Columbia's ETP program for nursing, but I can't afford to sign my life away on an excess of +$80,000 in loans, so I'll be going to Pace instead! It was my second choice for my undergrad (I ended up going to Fordham University instead), so I'm excited to actually attend Pace
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    I'm waiting to hear back... crossing my fingers and hoping I'll be your classmate! I've talked with them numerous times... and I'm in love with the school as a whole and what they stand for. I'm just praying they don't look at my freshman year grades... and recognized I've gone on to excel with even getting on the dean's list and now I'm working towards a masters in nutrition! but who knows :-) I'll let you know when I find out!
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    that's awesome! I kept contacting the admissions office to process my application ASAP because Columbia wanted a $500 deposit by tomorrow 3/16 and I didn't want to put that deposit down if I wasn't sure I was 100% going there, lol. I hope you get your decision soon! My freshman year grades weren't that great either, haha. Where do you go to school now airjs4321?
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    Well... they lost one of my reco letters so I had to have the nurse I had writing it resend it.... and thne they kept not filing stuff... so I kept bothering them with that... and then they took away the 2 year porgram which I originally planned on doing because I have to redo technically only anatomy but since I took them seperately I have to redo a&p 1 and 2, but because I am signed up for them this summer at pace I can get a conditional acceptance.

    Ha ha, so here goes my long complicated story. I have a Bachelors in Exercise Science with a minor in psychology and am partially through a Masters in Human Nutrition at University of Bridgeport. It is a biochem based program. I really, really want to the FNP so that I can practice integrative medicine... combining all the degrees together to get the best treatment for each patient individually.

    Every person I have talked to at Pace has been os incredibly helpful and friendly and I love that they say on the website they aren't just looking for grades or test scores but personality. I have a large resume which includes a research project and internship and also community service and working in jobs with a variety of ages. I'm hoping they look past my first science grades in anat and phys to see me get nothing lower than a B in 4 chemistry courses (I am now on the 5th which is clinical biochemistry), I have pathophysiology, exercise physiology, physics, my stats grade is an A-... etc. And I'm just hoping my passion for nursing and medicine showed through in my personal statement I got over 1000 on my GREs... but if it is supposed ot be, it will happen, if not I will apply to a lot more programs next year... there is just something about Pace though that I really want to go to their program.

    Are you super excited?! Congrats on your acceptance by the way!
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    OMG, that's so weird, they lost my second letter of recommendation too! I had to ask my professor to resend it (and he says that he did) but they still didn't put it on record that they got it, so I ended up having my boss e-mail one instead because they said that it could be e-mailed as long as it came directly from the recommendation writer. And actually, in my acceptance letter, it says that I still need to have a second letter of recommendation sent in order to be able to register for classes after the first semester! I e-mailed the admissions office to sort that out because I should be fine in terms of recommendation letters, but if not, I may have to bug my professor or boss again to resend one in the mail.

    You should definitely get in! You sound like you are much more experienced than I am, and your credentials sound awesome! I'm only a senior at Fordham University right now, graduating in May with a BS in Biology. I was originally pre-med, but I think I'm more suited for the nurse practitioner career, I can't wait to be an FNP!

    Are you going to try and get university housing if you go to Pace/look for an apartment? The acceptance letter only comes with an immunization form and ID procedure form, I feel a little lost in terms of getting started, haha. It's probably because we need to put our deposit in before they send us all the other information and it's so early.....

    Thanks for the congrats! I am really excited. I feel like Pace is a better fit for me than Columbia, so I hope everything works out well!
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    I think I need to get in for nothing else of the fact that you and I would keep each other sane :-). All my grad school professors (one being the one who wrote one of my reco letters and he was the head of a cardiac unit at a hospital at one point), classmates, and friends keep asking me why I think I wouldn't get in, but for me I just magnify the bad grades and think why would they accept me? I'm just a year older than you and its awesome that you got accepted into Nursing right away, though I am thankful I've had this little not break, but I am working and doing my grad program so it kind of mixes things up.

    I've been in to see the admissions office and spoken with the assistant director of admissions multiple times through both phone and e-mail. I could hear the annoyance in the guys voice at grad. admissions every time I called and he heard who it was... woops. But its nice to know someone else has been bothering them as well :-).

    If I get in, I think (this is my plan right now) I'm going to stay living in NJ (yes I go to school in connecticut but I only have classes one weekend a month). I am planning on moving in June right by a train station and its a lot cheaper to live here. Even with the commute it is going ot be far less and I'd like to minimize my loans. I commuted to school for two years in undergrad and its less than an hour on the train. Plus, I have a whole support system here... so I think that is what I am going to do, but we'll see if I get an acceptance letter and more information that may change! Esp. with 7 am clinicals... but again, we shall see... one step at a time.

    Thanks for chatting with me though, it eased my anxious heart as I keep stalking the post man... did they send it to you through mail or e-mail?

    And I know the feeling lost in getting started, but i think that is how every grad program makes you feel.

    I also agree about the med school route... my profs have asked me why not finish up the few classes I have left and apply to med school. I like the looking at the whole person approach that nursing brings :-). The only thing with nursing programs is I think the ones who don't require more chemistry should. Other than that I love the nursing approach!
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    airjs4321, have you heard anything yet?

    out of curiosity, have you taken a computer science course? I just read that a computer science course or evidence of word processing and data entry skills is a pre- or co- requisite to graduate nursing courses.......I haven't taken a computer science class, lol, but I definitely have word processing and data entry skills. Do you think they would make us take a test or something to get out of that requirement?
  9. by   airjs4321
    Sweetblyss ooh I wish I had! I just logged onto my pace account with my info for a&p this summer. Do you think I should call and ask if my application has been processed?

    I have a peace that that is where I'm supposed to be, but trying to be ok if its not.

    Anyways, if I do get accepted I'm thinking very strongly about living in the city for next year... so if so we should talk about possibly living together if you would like! Hopefully I'll get something soon! How long did it take them with you?

    As for computer science, yes I have had two courses because it was required for my Exercise Science degree. I'm guessing with all the work you've done on a computer you'll be fine and can test out of it. I think it is more for the older adult students who have no idea how to work excel or anything :-). Did they give you a number you can call with questions?
  10. by   sweetblyss143
    It wouldn't hurt to find out the status of your application, lol. You could always just e-mail them, I e-mailed Kathleen Connor (, she's a graduate admissions counselor, and she was very helpful in speeding up the application process. I submitted my application back in Sept. 2008, but they didn't start looking at applications until February 2009, so it took about a month to get them to look at my application and give me an answer.

    Are you thinking of applying for univesity housing or getting an off campus apartment?? I'm going to try for university housing and if that fails, I may TRY and do the commute, but I'll also try and find something off campus if possible. We should definitely look into living together if you do choose to live in the city! We'll be able to help each other get through the rigorous program! I'll private message you my e-mail address/facebook link

    as for computer science, I'm trying to find out if it's really necessary, and if it is, it looks like I'll be taking that class over the summer at a school nearby home, ugh, lol
  11. by   s0615
    congrats sweetblyss!! i just got my acceptance letter on wednesday

    good luck to anyone else waiting to hear back!
  12. by   sweetblyss143
    congrats to you too s0615! Are you definitely going to go to Pace, or are you waiting to hear back from other schools? I just looked up my schedule on mypace and it's definitely going to be a tough semester, lol
  13. by   s0615
    thanks! pace was my first choice and only one i applied for, so yep, i'll see you in the fall. you registered for classes already? i've gotta get on that!
  14. by   sweetblyss143
    They make our schedules for us. Class registration started on April 20 and since I was already accepted before then, they already worked on my schedule, lol. Are you applying for housing?