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  1. Facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/create.php?success=1&customize&gid=81657662516#/group.php?gid=81657662516
  2. Do you guys have facebook? I'm thinking of making a group, so we can all get to know each other before the semester starts!
  3. I e-mailed Maureen Anello and she transferred me to Tiffany Russell Friedman. Tiffany informed me that she would make my schedule for the fall, so meeting with her was not necessary, so I'm guessing that's the process for everyone?? She also said we would get a welcome package with our schedules (I already saw mine online, lol) and we need to take a math calculation exam for a clinical course s0615 and pigmachine, are you both recent college grads?? I'm only graduating next month, lol
  4. I applied for housing because my commute from LI would be almost 2 hours each way, but worse case scenario if I don't get housing, I'll suck it up and commute and crash at my sister's dorm when I really can't waste time on the commute I'm still waiting for my financial aid package. I'm probably not getting any grants either because I'm getting my BS when I graduate next month. Columbia gave me like close to nothing, which is why I had to turn them down and pray that I get a better package with Pace
  5. They make our schedules for us. Class registration started on April 20 and since I was already accepted before then, they already worked on my schedule, lol. Are you applying for housing?
  6. congrats to you too s0615! Are you definitely going to go to Pace, or are you waiting to hear back from other schools? I just looked up my schedule on mypace and it's definitely going to be a tough semester, lol
  7. It wouldn't hurt to find out the status of your application, lol. You could always just e-mail them, I e-mailed Kathleen Connor (kconnor@pace.edu), she's a graduate admissions counselor, and she was very helpful in speeding up the application process. I submitted my application back in Sept. 2008, but they didn't start looking at applications until February 2009, so it took about a month to get them to look at my application and give me an answer. Are you thinking of applying for univesity housing or getting an off campus apartment?? I'm going to try for university housing and if that fails, I may TRY and do the commute, but I'll also try and find something off campus if possible. We should definitely look into living together if you do choose to live in the city! We'll be able to help each other get through the rigorous program! :) I'll private message you my e-mail address/facebook link as for computer science, I'm trying to find out if it's really necessary, and if it is, it looks like I'll be taking that class over the summer at a school nearby home, ugh, lol
  8. sweetblyss143

    Columbia University-ETP

    anyone here coming straight from undergrad? I feel so young, lol I was originally pre-med, but decided to follow the nursing track instead of going to med school
  9. sweetblyss143

    Columbia University-ETP

    I got in for NNP did anyone here also apply to Pace's combined degree program?
  10. sweetblyss143

    Columbia University-ETP

    Hi everyone!! I got in for NNP! Anyone else?? I currently go to Fordham University in the Bronx and I'm graduating with a B.S. in Biology Anyone here from Long Island?