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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

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    Mh527 thank you so much for the info. I officially confirmed my enrollment in the program online and paid my deposit. Now I can relax! I meet with the advisor on May 24th.
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    No problem! good luck! I can't wait til we start, September seems like so far away. Does anyone know if there is an orientation and if so when?
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    Hi Everyone,
    I think there should be an admitted students group on Facebook for Pace CDP Fall 2012. I need a few names to start up the group so if anyone can provide me with their name on facebook that would be great!
    Thanks =)
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    Hey! I think that's a great idea! My name is Meagan Hickey
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    Please join the facebook group set up for admitted Pace CDP students!
    You make find it if you search " Pace University Lienhard School of Nursing CDP Fall 2012 "
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    Sorry, Amchugh209, this website wouldnt let me reply to your message! Talk to you on facebook!
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    Sorry there were too many with your name :/ The facebook group has been set up. Search Pace CDP Fall 2012. =)
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    Meagan, what is in your facebook pic? Too many.
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    I have applied to Pace for Fall '12 as well. My final transcripts were sent out this past monday. I am a little concerned because I transfer from Mount Saint Vincent and A&P and Micro there are only 3 credits (stupid I know). I asked Pace admissions if I would still be accepted they said "if my grades are good". I got in the B's in all my classes. This is my number one choice so I'm getting pretty worried. I will be hounding them the next following weeks, hopefully I hear back soon.
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    Hey everyone! does anyone know anything about this interview they want to hold? What kind of questions do you think they will be asking? If they already accepted you into the program why do they do an interview? Im confused and worried as i've made summer plans knowing this next year is going to be crazy packed with school work.
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    Mablecee, good luck!!

    Laura, I never heard of them holding interviews so I have no idea what they would ask. Did they say you're accepted pending an interview??

    Also, just to let everyone know, I had my appt with an advisor today. Orientation is August 22. They will be mailing/emailing more info about that in the upcoming weeks. I got my schedule and clinical placement too. Excited and nervous!!
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    I never heard of any interviews either. Doesnt make sense if you are already accepted??.. i meet with an advisor next week. Amchugh209, i tried to send you a facebook message but i was informed that you do not accept private messages and this website does not allow me to send messages for some reason!... Where is your clinical placement? omg im so nervous and excited for all this too!

    For anyone who has been accepted and is attending Pace in the Fall for the accelerated program, please joint the Pace CDP Fall 2012 facebook group!
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    hey, sorry havn't been on in a few days, I requested to join the facebook group. I had an appointment with my adviser yesterday, I made my schedule and got my clinical placement, I will be at Manhattan VA for both my geriatric and psych rotations on thurs/fri. Where is everyone else for their clinicals?