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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

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    Congrats on being accepted!
    when did you apply?
    How did you find out you were accepted?

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    They just got my last recommendation today, so now the waiting begins. I was told that they would have a decision within 3-4 weeks of having a complete application. I hope this is true!
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    I applied on March 1st and received my acceptance letter on March 14th. For those accepted for Fall 2012, have you received your financial aid package yet? Does Pace offer scholarships? Good luck to all those waiting. Hang in there.
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    That's a pretty quick acceptance. Congrats. Was your GPA really high? A's in all prerequisites?
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    Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted! As for me and everyone else still waiting.. I just found out that each councilor is appointed a letter of the alphabet and thats how they've been doing the applications. My last name starts with D and supposedly my councilor started looking over the applications today. So don't be scared if you've been waiting forever it just might be that your councilor started looking at the applications for the cdp program later than other councilors have. Keep your hopes up and good luck to all of us still waiting!!
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    Pace's website doesn't offer too much information, so I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to these questions: is it too late to apply? Are there any required prerequisites? I started filling out the online application, and I was able to select "Fall 2012." What's the deadline?

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    Sorry! I found that it's 90 days before you'd like to start. I live in Bay Shore, so this would be one hell of a commute, but I am 100% willing to do it for this degree. Thanks.
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    Quote from Mindylane
    Sorry! I found that it's 90 days before you'd like to start. I live in Bay Shore, so this would be one hell of a commute, but I am 100% willing to do it for this degree. Thanks.
    Right, the deadline is June 1, so there is plenty of time to apply. The pre-reqs are Psychology, Statistics, A and P I and II, Micro, and Chem 101. 2 letters of rec as well as resume and personal essay. I live in Setauket, so I know what you mean by hell of a commute. But I went to an info session and its a really easy campus to get to. One subway ride from Penn, walk a couple of blocks and you are there. Good luck!
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    That is great! I'm also applying to Nassau/Suffolk, so I guess I'll need to decide if I want to stop working and go full-time (and travel to NYC every day!) or stay working and go part-time, but it's wonderful to know that it's reasonably easy to get to.

    Have you already been accepted, amc? I certainly don't have all A's in my prerequisites (in fact, I got B+'s in ALL of them) but my undergraduate GPA is a 3.5, which I guess is decent (although certainly not as competitive as many of other applicants, I'm sure). I do have some healthcare background, however, so I'm hoping that this will help me.
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    I'm hoping I get into Pace also. I def don't have all A's but my science pre requisites are very strong. My undergrad degree GPA is pretty high also. I've heard mixed reviews about the program tho from past posts. Hopefully things have changed for the better. 12 months is a VERY short time to complete a Nursing degree so I'm sure its intense but it'll be worth it.

    Has anyone spoken or is someone that completed or is in the program? that would be great to get some insight.

    Good luck everyone!!!

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