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I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!... Read More

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    Kiki- the admission counselor e-mailed me letting me know because they did not receive my updated transcript with Anat and Phys 2 on it so I needed to send one in asap
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    I applied end of August/early Sep
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    hey muffin im just gonna put the link for my facebook here haha, tried finding you (and for some reason cant respond to your messages on here) Sorry!!!! Also I tried to find the group again and only could find the 2012 one.
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    Hi hayhay1234,

    Did you try copy and pasting the group name to the search bar? If not, just copy and paste "Pace CDP Spring 2013" to your search bar (without the quotes). The group should show up, since the group is set on public now. Hope this helps!
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    Has anyone heard anything? I am getting antsy and I don't want to harass admissions
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    Ive been calling admissions once a week! haha They told me this week that my application was in final committee review and I should have an answer within 3 weeks!! They keep pushing back when I will have an answer so I am hoping we hear by Thanksgiving
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    UGGGH really? I was told mid-October on Oct 1. That stinks. I hate this waiting, I feel like a kid on Christmas LOL.

    Thanks for the info Kiki
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    Has anyone heard anything?!
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    I received this email on Thursday...

    Thank you for your e-mail and your patience. We have just begun sending out decision letters, you should be hearing from us shortly.

    Graduate Admission

    So hopefully soon. Fingers crossed X X
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    Thank you so much Gina! Good luck!
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    Well, I didn't get in. I'm going to call the Admissions Office an make an appointment to hear the reason why. I think my downfall was that I'm still taking 2 of my pre-reqs now, which doesn't help. Even though I have all As in the one's I have completed so far. I'm so disappointed.
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    I got in!!!!!!!! Kinda weird though- I didnt receive any letters or acceptance packages yet all I got was an email from an advisor asking if I had any questions! Then again, I am out of town for the weekend and maybe my boyfriend at home missed it ... but yippieeee!!!!!!! Cannot wait to start I am SO excited!

    Good luck to everyone else!!
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    I'm applying for fall 2013. I'd love to know others who are applying as well. I'm excited and anxious all in one and looking for a new career!